Thursday, December 17, 2009

Desert Venture

Driving the lonely highways of the desert cacti shadow the moon,
Against a looming mountain range the shadows are darkly black,
Racing the rising sun, the stripes in the road begin a fast swoon,
Lessons learned strike like the charisma of a worn, tattered sack.

Eager for the sun, creatures begin their stirring through the flatness,
Needing rest, I pulled off to the side and sought the shade of a cacti,
Eyeing the beautiful starkness of the view surrounding my loneliness,
Increasing heat expands latent sweat targeting my slits for eyes.

Senses nurtured by easy aromas of a sweet and barren desert
Freed by tiny wisps of wind a small dandelion floats toward me,
Until the breeze abruptly stops the remains fall toward a sand sea,
Now rested and awed by the wonder I soak the view into my heart.

Robert Dodson
December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Whispered Wind

Whispered wind brings a hint of winter snow,
Gazing through bleary eyes breath escapes,
Lifeless looking trees show stark beauty low,
The soft blanketed meadow has lusty shapes.

Evergreens flounder with weighted boughs,
The ant sized figures trek up gentle field,
They grow larger as the journey slows,
The stand of spruce beckons for eyes steeled.

The father rests the axe in marshmallow snow,
Happily the boy points toward a majestic tree,
Nodding, the father chops the tree steadily.
Soon they tow the tree down, eyes a glow.

Robert Dodson
December 9, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wishes Granted

Masked by scenes of future lost, caution becomes alive,
Alluring a destiny from stony today to live freely deprived,
Roads bend their ears to sounds never made on land or sea,
Interest wanes toward a hopeful glistening spell of mystery.

Everything watches movements made subtle under full moon,
While dreams become a chest overflowing with imagination,
Intense fervor exists fleetingly small above head’s swoon,
Kindness creeps down taut spine lingering heated motion.

Loneliness banished to fitful space yonder, no there
Emerging as fated togetherness on leaning stair,
Music triumphs the spirit on our blue marble care,
Wishes granted a heart’s faith with its golden share.

Robert Dodson
December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Paths of Memory

Travel the paths of memory to awe filled wonder,
Staring at distant twinkling stars, beauty floats by,
With sultry blue eyes a vision encompasses my sky,
Plastered to my soul her being breathes flounder.

Touched gently on silky cheek, she soothes my core,
Entwined rapture gazes majestic snow topped peaks,
Resting, relaxing eases the beaded droplets to the floor,
Love strikes its purpose upon us like whipping streaks.

Satisfaction carries itself toward a new shining goal,
Raw emotion begins a battle of newly found hope,
The tryst begins again but mounting passion lopes,
And the eagles fly away toward glistening shoal.

Robert Dodson
December 2, 2009
Paths of Memory

Travel the paths of memory to awe filled wonder,
Staring at distant twinkling stars, beauty floats by,
With sultry blue eyes a vision encompasses my sky,
Plastered to my soul her being breathes flounder.

Touched gently on silky cheek, she soothes my core,
Entwined rapture gazes majestic snow topped peaks,
Resting, relaxing eases the beaded droplets to the floor,
Love strikes its purpose upon us like whipping streaks.

Satisfaction carries itself toward a new shining goal,
Raw emotion begins a battle of newly found hope,
The tryst begins again but mounting passion lopes,
And the eagles fly away toward glistening shoal.

Robert Dodson
December 2, 2009

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Louvre

I stare at the walls of the Louvre with warm empathy,
The museum is an irreplaceable container for genius art.
That monotonous tour guide tone lulls the mind’s heart,
The plywood walls separating my decisions bars the sea.

I stroll the exhibits with wondrous awe-filled love,
Confused, enthralled, my emotions overflow my eyes.
The beauty and simplicity stun my silent whispered cries,
Amazing talent shares space with a viewer’s peaceful dove.

The monotonous empathy of plywood walls of the Louvre
Irreplaceable memories abound within the soul of all,
Pleased at the history of a remarkable museum calls
For an openness of non slatted windows of milky louvers.

Robert Dodson
October 3, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

Taste of Romance

Sweaty, swaggering, swerving thought render my love hostage,
Long breathes the taste of romance on my soaring spirit freed
Songs strongly sound their emotions over magical prairie sage
Leave growth to a tender yearning for grateful hope’s seed.

Dancing through the present yields a bursting glory of silence
Chances reveal the mighty test of daring chasms of victory
Fancy ceremony belies the ragged majesty of delayed balance
Stances strafed stately sunlit crested waves of licorice sea.

Happiness like a shaking Jell-o star filled the senses of care,
Joined my dream filled pink piggy bank of coins to share
The last vacation of summer with stony faced desert rocks
Separated the valley of life like the part in my pumpkin locks.

Clanging clock bells boom the time of changing future nears,
Hanging happily on blossomed limb wind chimes clear cheer,
Yanking noodles of my soupy lust lunges deep within fears,
Banking right toward the destiny of fate, living free sneers.

Waxing moon brightens dimly shadowed palms lining jagged coast,
Squishy, squeamish sand massage the sole of gladly glaring toes
Relaxing breeze curries the tune of my desire upon desperate foes,
My bubbling goddess carries me over living journeys ghostly host.

Robert Dodson
September 1, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Winds of My Heart

Great blows the winds of my heart,
Cluttering gallant vision of love lost.
Character rebounds at the sad start,
Molding self always deliberates a cost.

A mind creases results ever parting self,
Drama of small chore tends lowly shelf,
Llama necked care visits needy hope,
Say thoughts held tight to help one cope.

Love revolves around the kiss of my soul
Trust relaxes upon a steady flow of destiny,
Gaze deep into smiling milky opal eyed sea,
Victory rises above hard fought earned goals.

Robert Dodson
August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tropical Goddess

Looking into hazel eyes, love struck invitingly warm,
Yearning to touch auburn locks tangle my fantasy,
Nurtured tropics lead the pounding pulse can to me,
Needful embrace remains starving for the storm.

Etched into the memory of hope, gentle mood dances,
Trust leaps down to quiet babbling flesh gently strong,
Taken hostage by beauty, feelings erupt the throng
Elegant shoulder supports the caring freedom lances.

Goodness creeps through the idyllic tropical scene,
Intense lies the passion of solitary thought lean
Goddess of tropics walks the white sand beach free
Island paradise befriends a raging wind of the sea.

Robert Dodson
August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Solace of Hope

Destiny called my past murky,
Open vision walled my hopes.
Nested dreams play out quirky,
Nothing becomes like bars of soap,
Ascending toward a gentle lope.

Waking to future drab I sense my fears.
Hoping troubles scarred shed tears,
Eyes wiped blindly relieved solace of hope
Dreaming weathers storms of violent scope
Fate reveals tarnished dangling slope.

Daring a tomorrow of prosperity,
Roads gradually take due course.
Aware to fresh ideals widens my sea,
Keeping my surface cleanly hoarse;
Every action confirms needed hope.

Robert Dodson
August 25, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Luscious Time

Traveling through luscious time, values escape hard,
Rebelling against fragile space, merriment oozes loudly
Adjourned stamina reduces gratitude while seeming free
Custom fate achieves hollow stone rimmed cards.

Incessant quiet belittles fragile melancholy stooped
Largess befits another soul growing within favor
Welded grace perseveres among staunch flavor
Increased vibrant stoicism bestows rival hoops.

Sweet tasting challenge ignites hope’s core,
Daring wind rides the land whispering change
Open hearts welcome breaths of freedom more
Memory embraces attitudes driven to exchange.

Robert Dodson
August 24, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Circled Dreams

Daring days of confusion bring circled dreams,
Gathered lake side haunts visions once held,
Truth races toward destiny of dreary seams,
Realized hope fulfills upon joyous heart meld.

Travel solitary future to begin myriad trips,
Completed venture ekes a sad and shrill tune,
Trusted core blossoms unknown winged boon,
Lasting care bursts globules of sought blips.

Wings of cloud held futility drizzle down slowly,
Rising faith heals determined resolve forever,
Gentle wind whispers a melodic song to share,
Yet circled dreams walk through time lowly.

Robert Dodson
August 11, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Emotion Rides

Emotion rides its roller coaster silently
Trotting hope requests scenic journey,
Stubborn dreams cling solidly to free
Potent life breathes calmly its sea.

Running vision stares a mighty road
Heroic sense vaults to highest mode.
Continued struggle garners lofty load,
Victory battles weak soul of man’s abode.

Traveled path grieves for final task
Reflection jars memory streaked past,
Measured trail basks in gloried light,
Lamented blessing opens heart right.

Robert Dodson
July 28, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Slumbering Greatness

Looking in necessity desires adept sense motivated in the heart,
Interest walks a tangible breath upon landscape decorated boldly
Needful symmetry weaves a delicate balance at curious fed start
Diverse fantasy leads will toward preordained victory held coldly.

Ambition lays foundation of boldness and courage built dreams,
Submerged reality swims a roaring river upward in the mind,
Measured steps strive to stabilize rocky journey through streams
Integrity strives harder against enemies forceful and behind.

Tangible aspiration raises temerity beyond natural validity,
Hesitation dies agonizing beyond its fortress veiled heart,
Lumbering anticipation steadies faith railed needlessly sharp
Slumbering greatness rises like startled hope awakened freely.

Robert Dodson
July 24, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Journey

Searching for glittering destiny sprinkles resolute faith deeply,
The brave kiss of hope lingers like gentle fog through the ages.
Deliberate focus gains strength from accomplished pages,
Chosen dream longs the heart up craggy mountains steeply.

Successes overwhelm lonely and sad defeats by spirit true,
Dusting failure from sturdy shoulders winning begins again.
Tunnels light grows huge with each plodding step taken sane,
Glorious campaign always continues till body turns so blue.

Achievement of life satisfies the soul with momentary rest,
New day dawns starving for unfilled appetite of lofty test.
Struggle worthy builds character solid to waltz among best,
With last breath the empire remains sparkling golden chest.

Robert Dodson
July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Aroma of Life The aroma of life beckons delight to savor forever, Colored sea of flowered hills thrills the view gently, Trees give shade to journey through dense glee, Clearings mirror thoughts held on memories river. Traveled roads lead to crucial treasures unknown, Strolling the beaches rowdy waves are hope sown, Endless prairie disguises fear in the waving grass, Serrated mountains urge expectancy through morass. Lush crops fuel ambition to reap recompense of being, Enigmatic cattle ranches feed desires of many to self, Refreshing rain cleanses emotions for heart’s shelf, Radiating sunshine envelopes life’s yearning for seeing. Robert Dodson July 20, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Desires Shelf

Walking to the broken edge of struggling misery,
Reality slams its hopeful face onto faulty mind,
Torn asunder by mixed focus dreams will bind,
Trudging toward brink of sanity, vision freed.

The imprisoned memory floats in freedom,
Wafting glory over sweaty tormented body
Pardoned faith responds quietly its drum,
Living begins with dreams held set free.

Destiny’s course pens itself upon vacant trust,
Racing gathers each victory for desires shelf,
The laps of life increase each chanced success,
Sparkling sun shines glowing reward of self.

Robert Dodson
July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Drought

Tall grows the summer burnt rows of needful corn,
Parched earth begs its mercy toward hazy heavens,
Farmers wander fields’ once lush and vibrant gems,
Needed moisture abandons the farm with scorn.

Kneeled in prayer weathered face pleads case,
Other crops welcome the regular calls for rain,
The dry summer breeze crosses dying plain,
Hopeful eyes search longingly for hidden ace.

Days plod slowly toward summers’ needed end,
Parched lips mutter the routine cry for wetness,
On the horizon lost clouds begins to darkly rend,
Slow drizzle starts its downward trail to bless.

Robert Dodson
July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cowboy Paradise

Dramatic rocky outcrop forms soulful reflective sight,
Sheer red cliff rises abruptly toward cloudless sky,
The sinewy raging river calms below rapids bright,
Basin spreads its peaceful glory upon fortune’s eye.

The beckoning mountain hides behind festive spruce,
Snuggled against lonesome ledge tiny shack waits,
Fireplace shows whisper thin smoke filtered states,
Rustic well and corral hold sway an uneasy truce.

Restless cowboy saunters through sparse clearing,
Howling coyote silhouettes the slivered harvest moon,
Critters and birds and insects sound a steady tune,
The cowboy lightly sleeps till dawn breaks unhearing.

Robert Dodson
July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Gawking at the romantic serenity of valley green,
Pounding heart stirs the beating rhythm tranquil,
Love gathers its fondness at my footfalls serene,
The sounds in the air and trees suddenly still.

The roaring blood of my ears loudly drains
Rising temperature cools like summer rain,
Senses heightened by the aroma of love,
Feelings cascade over my being from above.

Romance does a nimble dance in my head,
Partners forever share common dreams,
Clear starry night hide faint moon beams,
For my amorous goddess my arms spread.

Robert Dodson
July 14, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Paused Gratitude

Today is a yesterday strung together by moments endlessly,
The future is time becoming a forgotten wind blessed sea,
To change the future, turn into reshaped pattern free,
Leaning past to show a tomorrow focused on fresh creed.

Never arriving, mired within the cells of lonely tyranny
Venture toward fresh beginning seeking belief true,
Doctrine compels action slamming worthless irony.
Principles strength props a slumping dogma blue.

Paused gratitude relays smartly designed hope,
Accomplishment renders furtive heart to cope,
Pride pushes briefly to the front and faith restores
Held high journey begun releases its shores.

Robert Dodson
July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Gathered around brightly burning camp fire,
Sticks and marshmallows give tasty gooey mess
Under starry filled sky, tales spun desire,
Horrifying shadowed images made you confess.

The burning heat warmed a body and froze fear
Stories related bound boys until youth retreated,
The frightening pictures hounded all while seated,
Finally petrified kids clambered into sleeping gear.

Sleep that night came agonizingly hard for most,
Several restfully snoozed like a cuddly teddy bear,
One slept only when a false dawn came to share
The announced rafting trip caused panic to be lost.

Robert Dodson
July 9, 2009

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Paradise Visit

Encircled by the sultry cobalt ocean kindness
I face the poise of unending pleasant gaiety
The black sand beach entices a fun rarity
Soles tread gingerly upon new friendliness.

Palms sway gently on tropical flowing breeze
Trusting hope lays a gathering distinct laziness
Summer time clouds shelter mountains haziness
Orange juice comes deliciously squeezed.

Vacation island satisfies the dream held tight
Strolling the paradise in bright filtered moon light
Final evening reveals the memory of cherished desire
Yet the gloom of home extinguishes my burning fire.

Robert Dodson
July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Football and Youngsters

Brimming with energy the youngster explodes onto the pile
Stored for days emotion wells up rapidly in crashing style.
Oblong object attracts thousands of eyes seeking glory
Hands magnetically grasp frozen leather under light sea.

Respect on Oblong Square shapes a child for destiny
Courage displayed weekly grants new earned trophy
Discipline taught lessons needed for growing humanity
Obedience lends itself to manners of generosity.

Regulations ordered by self contentment apes life
Growing older rapidly dissolves the vigor of youth
Teamwork encourages cooperation through strife
Victory earned shows the necessity of uneasy truth.

Robert Dodson
July 7, 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

My Road

Nestled within my mind dreams collide
Debate wrangles victory over to the side.
Questions remain for a future yesterday
Living sees its tragedy stuck per se’.

Grab the zest of doing and live to fulfill
Triumph is measured by many failures
Giving up has no chance to establish will
Fighting through sets a tune heard for years.

Life’s end measures a well traveled journey
Choices made reveal no failure or success
In the end, flowers still dress a smell sweetly
My road paved hearts to those I can bless.

Robert Dodson
July 6, 2009

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day

Searching heart freedom is in my grasp
Reflections on yesterday give me pause
Failure to remember the whys is my gasp
Truth of conviction is the lifelong cause.

Putting faith inside my being carries me
Living freedom is the simple task I bear
Breathing liberty requires complex duty
Independence is earned by the blood of I care.

Proudly our flag waves its moving call
Ask those fallen souls what price glory
I stand free today honoring those who paid all
My right to stand alive in silent liberty.

Robert Dodson
July 4, 2009

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Aisles of Destiny

Forging through the trails of traveled path
The aisles of destiny await considered road.
Wavering moments require elephant mode
Enduring droughts of elation’s planned wrath.

Moseying along Grand Canyon awe slams
Depth of grandeur amazes the ribbon river
Flowing upon Painted Desert of sandy clams
Richness of self rewards a heart’s quiver.

Completed journey recalls the tribulation earned
Measured success filled by dreams realized
Destination appears from missteps learned
No goal can be so small that it becomes resized.

Robert Dodson
July 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Continue On

Gripping tightly to an ever present goal,
Steadily gathering pieces of my puzzle,
Sorting into smaller parts to guzzle
Readily the dream begins to foal
I continue on.

Achieving tiny ones makes heart race
Building towards the next step stimulates
Moving forward enhancement graces
Acquiring each purpose lessens fate
I continue on.

A lifetime passes ever so rapidly
Looking back the journey pleases
Resting at long last, moments flee
Success fights a battle to never cease
I continue on.

Robert Dodson
July 1, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lessons Learned

Lost in a jungle of twisted hope hearts hold a key
Tangled within a vision of future past desire stalls
Encrusted hate washes destiny from painted walls
Humanity rises upon sensually stark blue sea.

Tropical breeze carries a storied dream gently
Through the lobby of my soul to share silently
Glistening sand beaches warm my passion
The relentless surf pounds stoic attention.

Lessons learned use fortified interest again
Saving for fulfillment life begs for new wish
Working gradually becomes anticipation’s dish
Pleasure of success is opening rewards drain.

Robert Dodson
June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009


We walk the silently screaming beach
Hand in hand with my loving wife.
I rise in the morning to an alarms’ call
Together we perform the morning ritual.
Sometimes I spend an extra moment over coffee
Others I rush to complete tasks for the day.
I go to a movie, the mall or the park
I can attend the church I choose or not.
I take an early morning jog to stay fit
I could visit a museum, a friend or go home.
Today I choose where and what I do.
I can waste my money or I can save for the future.
I could call my closest friend or email my congressman
If I want I can vote for the best candidate.
I can criticize my elected officials and fear not.
I can buy anything I have money to buy.
It could be a vehicle, a lamp or illegal drugs.
I could perform all manner of improper things.
I have that right.
I have the choice to obey the law and most like me do.
I have that right today.
I can travel the farthest reaches of our country or planet
I cand stand in awe at the Grand Canyon
Or visit the Statue of Liberty.
For all these things and many others
I thank the American soldier.
Thank a serviceman who gave us these choices.

Robert Dodson
June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009


Gentle summer breezes touch the prairie with loving hands
Mountain ridge guards a rustic and serene valley below
Tiny stream bubbles across mystic rocky formation slow
Scattered trees shelter nature’s surreptitious band.

Glaring sunlight heats the small herd of grazing bison
Nearby the growing corn shares the sluggish wind
The quaint ranch house nestles against rocky bend
Flowers decorate the vista in multi colored fun.

Vacation retreat gathers enduring grace to give
Harmony is ruptured by music of the scenery
Peaceful surrounds the dreams I passionately live
Each time I visit the wide open big sky country.

Robert Dodson
June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Cottage

In wintry cold the cottage stands vacant
On sea swept hill the beach invites
Lonely is the surrounding countryside
Months slowly ebb into glowing spring land.

New season jumps willing into sudden green
Repainted cabin beckons for companionship
Robust family arrives on welcoming scene
Stowing luggage, they rest from travel blips.

Vacation spent passed like a fiery comet
Reflection on past soothed nestled fears grip
Next year seems further than distant planet
Togetherness held links to magnify passions trip.

As fall leads to winter the cottage is empty again
Doors and windows shuttered against nature’s fury
Once more the countryside feels sad and dreary
The seasons will change like perpetual rain.

Robert Dodson
June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dreams Ascend

Passion falls to dusty floor sad
Past events raise a battled trust glad
Minutes chug drearily into a future mad
Broken promise endures terrible trouble bad.

Love rises from within bursting on the soul
Lost in togetherness conquered values spread
Dreams ascend meteoric clash of dread
Settled score resolves hope held icily cold.

Joined forever leads mission to save fancy
Flowered aisle defines the promised future
Seaside visit created zeal always chancy
Years flew rapidly by like painted picture.

Robert Dodson
June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happiness Reborn

Grasping for insight, I reached the threshold,
Retreat gains lessons given gilded glamour
Advance toward living destiny once foretold
Instinct garners a hope held tightly enamored.

Happiness reborn catches rewards to reuse,
Stepping from the glow love carves truce
Forging strength as joy leaps through care
Leaving despair ditched in the river fair.

Giving trust earns respect for truth said,
Laying on the edge of victory could descend
Chanced defeat from traveled bend
Makes forgiveness’ a debt already paid.

Robert Dodson
June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father’s Day

Today I reflect on the past,
Strong hands helped tie my shoes,
Taught me important things
I cherish today and always.
My character is my foundation
Laid in place by a gentle man.
The things I learned so long ago
Built me to be the best I could.
Tangible habits are the evidence
But those unseen traits are my walls.
Honor, manners and respect were learned
Mostly by example, some by a slap
Gratitude fills my heart every day.
Living life is my daily tribute
We had good and bad times
But through it all we shared love.
Sometimes spoken, but mainly unsaid
I am proud to call this gentle man, Dad.

Robert Dodson
June 21, 2009
Fulfilled Hopes

Yesterday I crawled at the vigil of leaping present,
Seeking a route through the dreary sight of daring
Lost among the frenetic harbinger upon emotion pent
Holding time’s grasp of feeble mentioned caring.

Today I stand resplendent in dizzying bequest
Distracted purpose holds hysterical heart
Touched by symbolic reticence is my behest
Wrapped within my quiet dream, I start.

Tomorrow I hobbled to faraway drummer
Fulfilled hopes satisfy living courage free
Mistaken ideas garble their way to summer
As I become the writhing waves in the sea.

Robert Dodson
June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Love Grows

Stretched around my being, her beauty absorbs me
Separated and together love grows like a tsunami
Fleeting disbelief stares me into boneless goo
A lifetime given and love remains solid in you.

Dawn breaks loudly upon my open mind
Ever reminding the daily request of desire
You are the treasure I shall always find
As setting sun captures my eternal fire.

Tangled destiny wraps its fingers on life,
Past embraces remain future rewards
Murky dreams are clear hope’s award
Forever glad I asked you be my wife.

Robert Dodson
June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Texas

She fills my spirit with awesome beauty,
Her peaks struggle to reach cerulean sky,
Valleys shelter my spirit tenderly,
Sandy white shore touch ocean’s subtle sigh.
A looming vista lands on my senses,
Desert opens barren retreat discerned
Bluebonnets spread allure among fences
About my lady much is to be learned.
Freedom’s love fights for honor glorified
Urban and rural cowboys brag proudly,
Victory’s slogan shouted turned the tide
The bells of liberty echoed loudly.

Rarely has a feeling arrived vexes
Many who hail the grandeur of Texas.

Robert Dodson
June 18, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bad Dream

Twisted mind harbors the fleet of troubled terror,
Demon of self rises to ply a ruse of golden joy,
Angels gather potions of love to embed the furor
Shadowed figure leaps from shelved Tolstoy.

Wandering caravan travels inner corridors blood,
Eerily long tendrils of smoke reach throbbing throat,
The gurgling frothy blood begins its raging flood,
Soaking the dapper trapper’s funeral coat.

The doctor pensively eyes the mangled scene,
Saying I’ll have coffee with sugar and cream.
Bird like nurses begin the daily ritual preen
Suddenly awakened the patient had a bad dream.

Robert Dodson
June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009


Where does fleeting freedom shine its hope now?
Lady Liberty dances around my soul,
I have seen her wiped from furrowed brow
It is on the miners face darkened by coal.
Freedom unfurls its being through the land,
Found in cities and farms among mountains,
The loving couple walking on the sand,
The Marine standing at stiff attention.
It is beginning to climb a great wall,
Symbols of won victory call loudly,
Stars and Stripes waves singly to call,
Passing citizens salute so proudly.

Time and freedom lie upon blowing wind,
Freedom waits only for the human mind.

Robert Dodson
June 15, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Destination of Living

The breeze flailed the corn like a wicked mistress,
The endless green rows rippled like crashing waves,
Abruptly the air became as a soothing morning shave,
Handing heavens’ backdrop a heartaches loving caress.

We wish, we dream, we never learn and we wonder why,
Of nothing are we sure, yet the wind continues to blow.
A life lived true becomes its own journey traveled slow,
Savoring moments shouldered in minds own closed eye.

Happiness enjoyed reflects a future yesterday yet to be,
Today is a tomorrow that will never find its memory
Under a starry night in a moonless dark big sky,
The destination of living never hears heralded sigh.

Robert Dodson
June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Clearing

Shaded stand of trees silently watch sunlit clearing,
Dark and moody clouds drift quickly overhead,
Sudden downpour refreshes the stark beauty fed,
Sparkling rainbow signals a soulful cheering.

Peaceful ambitions of storied youth appear,
The clearing points a path to mountain stream,
Behind the tumbling water lies hidden trail,
Seldom used path opens a mystic valley veiled.

Virgin wilderness explodes upon the senses,
Overwhelming beauty touches the sky
Daydreams overflow its sultry cry,
Realization slaps low lying fog dense.

Robert Dodson
June 13, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Courage Garnered

Words fight their way from the bowels of pained embrace,
While blank pupils watch out times’ window long lost face,
Starry stare looks but does not see the dazzling scene,
Laid simply a treasured breath sparkling pristine.

Remembered chores draw their toll paid long ago,
Tree lined avenue recalls a leisurely shaded passage
Grown vision reflects the greater hope held below,
Somber fruits light fabled history of gloried visage.

Integrity fuels dreams juggled to the forefront
Respect caps graceful heritage proudly sought,
Honor tops the morale many forever fought,
Courage garnered hovers a weight never burnt.

Robert Dodson
June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hope Continues

Liberty waves its voice deep upon the lazy sky,
Sailing the currents of topical fancy tomorrow,
Racing the wind freedom beckons all to cry,
Facing timeless sunlight releases no sorrow.

Independence calls day after day slanted eye,
Authority leads society toward uncertain view
Choice carries justice heavy as payment due,
Wronged, truth falls staring to a blank sky.

Today stands shocked on shoulders of community,
Wrestled victory flails gallant claws of tension
Hope continues journey for its autonomy,
Yet lonely eagle soars searching attrition.

Robert Dodson
June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Outing

Guarded strength lays a nested bounty sought,
Swimming parades buttoned jest stored brave,
Voices ramble a certain impact grasp fought,
Joyous happening relived till next booming wave.

My goddess strolls menacingly toward gentle ocean,
Tidal splashes against protective parapet high
Diving determined a frolicked mood of attention,
Stinging jelly causes meaningful cry.

Collapsing on sand soaked blanket relieves
Golden shell tanned darkly by burning sun.
Interlude brings peaceful mystery begun
Embrace recalls celebrations to believe.

Robert Dodson
June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Duty Beckons

Standing upon the grateful fringe of stated glory,
Obligation focus leads through doors of the sea,
Harbor blooms a frenzied blur of calm water
Pier guards white sand sunburned future.

Anxious moments track slowly along ascent,
Circles of grasping fingers leave ridges deep,
Respites draft gazes of vacant fruited sleep,
Harried fowl gestures comic salient bent.

Gifted lamp reveals an intense affair dark,
Rounded carton evolves slanted park,
Justice drains steely frightened eagle flown,
Duty beckons stingy finger sheltered stone.

Robert Dodson
June 9, 2009

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Crevasse of Time

The treasures of life surround me with gentle curiosity,
Look into the symbol of my journey and find a dream,
Nestled within the crevasse of time I lose the seam,
Pulled from the past I live the riches meant to be.

Struggling to hold a place in my being, I mourn
For what might have been lived over again,
Steadily the oars of wisdom steer the rain,
Reaching a near past, my ship lies forlorn.

Realization wiggles through depths of love,
Surfacing near a nurtured and steady mind
Scenes play a crescendo of flying doves,
Reminders that always my faith is blind.

Robert Dodson
June 8, 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Living Begins

Images of future lost come rushing through memories,
Confusion reigns within the mass of minuscule aura.
Floating gleefully on rocking waves of sunlit seas,
Pictures taken hold harrowing thoughts foresaw.

Under the rug of time, misery awakes lingering
Thunder booms over my heart a startled racing.
Valley of my soul pours a river of lasting need
Rallies to overcome the doubting idea freed.

Triumph gloats to no one there inside the mind,
Destiny calls from distance farther than behind,
My path remains freedom from demons bold
And living begins a task of being takes its hold.

Robert Dodson
June 7, 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

An idea inspired by Bonnie Snyder

Bucket List

Stranded at the edge of penance I wander on,
Inward zeal is held at bay by turbulent fight.
Coated focus rolls under my soul like winged flight,
Weathered past boils from forgotten eons gone.

Crossing lip of yawning abyss tests hope,
Jubilant strength journeys through tingled skin,
Ruptured roar of triumph voices a rare glint
Endured tribulation overcomes vicious slope.

Continued travel reveals fervor always held
Delighted vision glows its rising need of care
Bucket lists final success breathes its last air
And life lived well had gained its ultimate shell.

Robert Dodson
June 6, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

Time Marches

Clouded moon gathers its tidal claim below
Gilded manners tilt passion’s proven gift
Taken fears levy a mortal freedom lift,
Searched goodness follows meted flow.

Harvest orb beckons golden glow
Crisp, fall air warms shallow heart
Breath blown gently touches smartly
Ears stiffly cold from northern blown.

Springs graded globe echoes called hope
Heated warmth thaws chilled wisdom
Through searched past reveals doldrums’;
Time marches again on parades float.

Robert Dodson
June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vaunted Love

Traveled path bequeaths its welcome on the heart,
Circled forms challenge their gaudy intent of start,
Trusted nature relaxes a fabled heathen gaze,
Musty fate garners strength from encompassed maze.

Wrangled fear grabs lighted globules pasty goo
Tangled box jettisons storied tale of yesterday,
Raveled string begins hunt for continued due,
Graveled face marches forward on knotted clay.

Bangled arm raises hope of lesser victory
Haunted mind grapples ideals seldom been
Mangled dreams fight a courageous story
Vaunted love retakes battles eternally seen.

Robert Dodson
June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Silent Witness

Three rail wooden fence remain lonely guard along summer field
Weathered timber shows raucous grey state of disorder
Proud and hungry a buck emerges from broken woodland
Near the railing the animal pauses, testing muffled breeze.

Leaping the barrier the majestic deer disappears into thicket
Glittered sun struggles higher into morning’s cloudless azure sky
Faintly green grasses wave gently, silently to passing fowl
Beckoning tiny herd of wild mustangs sensing hidden pond.

The dappled grey stallion strays away to low crested hill
Anxiously he urges his brood to waters reed covered edge,
Standing aloof he watches the others drink their fill
Nervous, he dips his head and drinks from muddy water.

The clearing empties as the herd flees the grove again,
A sudden rain materializes over the pasture
Spirits scurry seeking shelter from the downpour
The fence remains silent witness along summer field.

Robert Dodson
June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A sonnet for Marlene Bittner


Mysterious spirit leaves restless hope
Attached at spongy railing ripened long,
Rippled curves splashes being as pope;
Liberated feelings sing their low song.
Events course rapidly through creation
Natural corn husks emit fervent roar,
Elements stranded pace their lonely fun
Bravado exudes its lonesome, sad core.
Intense emotion draws near the surface
Travel destiny reaches minds’ false tip,
Taking meaning from soulful, painted lace,
Nuzzled within magical parted lips.

Emerging loudly on enemy ears,
Roaring multitude shouts Go, Go Huskers!

Robert Dodson
June 2, 2009

Monday, June 01, 2009

A poem for Alana Morgan


Alone within a vision of gathered thought,
Letters idled formed words I loosely sought.
Alert to grainy images of future topic I sat,
Nurtured upon veils of soldered muse hat.

Austere auspice formed upon cracked lips,
Joy leapt sinking down a rising low sound,
Moistened again glad vibrations seeped clips
Over trials of disparate need unfound and bound.

Rituals began among the tracks in the eye’s mind,
Gaining footholds of chancy utterance laid waste,
Allowing victory to grovel toward its slow haste
Nodding head on chest was the glorious find.

Robert Dodson
June 1, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A sonnet for Jackie Castle


Jocularity abounds in worn face,
Against subtle smile rests festive moon light
Castles defend honor to endless race
Kingdoms romance her gratitude’s slow might.

Inside a destiny of growing beast
Exudes marked disaster under sought trust
Captured fancy rails among the small feast
At proper glaring stare marks a loose fuss.

Seldom graded justice holds forth its brow
Trailed vision seeks to burst the sea coldly
Lesson emerges set free by garish throw,
Entering muddled silence near bold sea.

Robert Dodson
May 31, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A poem for Brenda Mantz

Breathe Long

Breathe long the delicate scent of that secluded desire,
Ravage the torment of past failure hindering advance
Embrace a love burdened with tribulation of mire
Nirvana nestles within support held sway on chance.

Disparity dispatches earthly vision to distant dream
Altered state leaps upon chests empty at source.
Greatness grapples clear sincerity’s force
Masked upon walls of grandeur’s seam.

Against surroundings of bejeweled and hopeful sight
Necessary trappings collide where adoration meets.
Trusting eyes gaze deep into the twinkling night
Zealous being longs for its overdue seat.

Robert Dodson
May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009


Clouds of puffy marshmallows sleepily slither overhead
Did you identify a character or three up there?
Imagination glimmers of dreams once held close;
Come alive in that sailor, dragon or ogre,
Wrestle the wind to retain its shape bodes ill.
Changing into a storm of intrepid power
My clouds continue the journey to distant eyes.

Dazzling sun casts a shadow to the tree
Peacefully I rest beside the still pond.
Glass like surface broaches a rare ripple
Vanishing on rock-strewn, shaded shore.
The tree stands reaching toward heaven
My soul lay abandoned on gentle pasture.

Living on dreams indescribable I stand proud
To realize wind and clouds continue on.

Robert Dodson
May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suggested by Vicki Elam

My Love

I walk the dusty trail alone with you in my heart,
It is then I realize; my feelings brew like coffee on my soul.
Apart we are together and together we’re alone
But holding your hand tugs my love to the bluest sky above.
In my troubled journey, I’m never far from victory.
You are my she for which I have a bountiful faith
My friend, my love I share the trip of my essence;
Upon the space of my universe you are the core.

Away from you, I wash the dishes of my life.
You are around me in the walls of my conscience,
I see you in all I do and have this day forward.
The lopsided photograph touches my spirit gently
While the folded laundry reaches my skin
I have the scent of you fill my nostrils kindly.

At my side, I treasure passion shared as one.
Forever the travels pass quickly into tomorrow.
My days are as stars on cloudless summer night,
Filled completely your timeless fancy in my sight
I am your he.

Robert Dodson
May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A poem for Tracy Beaver


Temerity knows no bounds upon the soul
Reaching for far away hope with tenacity;
After a slivered moon raises its bowl
Care remains like sand by the sea.

Yet spirit rises slowly through the stroll
Labored task builds wondrous loyalty,
Being shines for all to see its audacity
Echoes from the mind take a toll.

Always favor smiles for the meek
Veracity joins from mountain peak
Every dream appears with its cost
Racing young future is never lost.

Robert Dodson
May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A sonnet

Mirrored Calm

Mirrored calm, reflection stares to vastness,
Tree lined shores beckon a forgiving heart,
Peaceful waters hold silent wind’s last tress
The ripples roll gently as painted art,
Floating on edgy care, insects go sire.
The mesa looms over star lit shelves all
Faintly glowing behind the dying fire,
Embers now wink and wink again to call
The frosty breath of snoring lover huddled
Inside cozy warmth of blankets bare, hands
Reach a tested, rough shoulder, well muscled.
Rising slowly, air creeps in soundless bands.
A soul through rasping cloth of linens soft
Audacious fate gives togetherness tossed.

Robert Dodson
May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

A sonnet for Pamela A. Fuller

Love Eternal

Paths are walking my choices to the fore
Again trodden trail never saw the day
Meeting without a vision caught on lore
Echoes peaceful dream held secure today.
Long I pace the fruits of contented thoughts
After tasks come to bear travails of deed
Fault lies near the door of belief I sought
Unknown trepidation lies as my seed
Legend seeks the value I gained showing
Love eternal still needs tender caring
Even as I start toward river flowing
Remains my moment of lonely sharing

Perfect boundless faith remains beside me
Freedom of bondage truly set me free.

Robert Dodson
May 25, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A sonnet in memory of all our fallen veterans!

Freedom Earned

Walking to the sandy beach I recall
Why I can. A veteran paid for me,
My liberty crafts me overly tall
As I walk the shores of the raging sea.
The sky above is bluer today;
Given me by proud soldier or sailor
In service many have fallen to say
Stand up proud this day for sake of valor.
The flag wave’s majestic of freedom won
By heroes unsung on field of mêlée;
Satisfying courage earned to the bone
Giving life a long lasting victory

As a remembrance to the future free
Thank a brave veteran for you and me.

Robert Dodson
May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Birthday Sonnet for those celebrating today and everday!

The Party

The cottage is flowing with excitement
Friends and Family hiding everywhere,
Covered with bows and ribbons wait presents
Cake adorned with Happy Birthday sits there.
The imminent arrival is trying,
Guests’ patience grows quiet and jittery.
Time slowly moves forward as a phone rings
The hostess quickly garners joyful glee
The guest of honor comes round the corner
Decked out in womanly church finery
Reaching the entrance like a sad mourner
Tugging the door open for all to see.

Shouts of Happy Birthday arrive to hear
Face beaming radiant with glowing cheer.

Robert Dodson
May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Golden rays of sunshine reach the valley
Below mountain peaks towering and grand
Sits a lanky youth waiting patiently
Huddled near undergrowth and takes a stand
At the tree line deer emerge into view
Grazing down slope they near the waiting lad
A startled bird rises quickly on cue
The lone buck surveys the scene wisely glad
Cautious, nearer and nearer the herd feed
Beaded sweat dripping from an anxious brow
The sun glides slowly across the pasture
An eagle soars above vistas below
The boy glances at the faded picture
Eagerly the regal buck struts proudly
The shot fells the deer, the youth screams loudly.

Robert Dodson
May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Visitor

New to these white sand beaches slipping into ocean blue
I traveled far to brave the journey of hope and love
Beginning life anew with wishes and dreams so true
I received my vision bold and filled from sky above.

I toil and mix with friends all different and new
I venture daily to majestic seas quiet awesome view.
Never far from discovery, seeking damp shadows
To remain unseen even in pleasant meadows, though

Mostly frightened of native, unenlightened fear
Avoiding confrontation both near and far
Inhabitants always shout, scream and jeer
After learning my home is a distant star.

Robert Dodson
May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

A poem for Bonnie Snyder

Faded Memory

Breathe the sound of open windows of farming beauty
Once the smell of cooking dies away, the memory
Nears senses long hidden under years of neglect;
Now I visit the cradle of youth to hold up my future,
Inside a rustic shot of valley meadow and flowers
Easily becomes a past remembered sweetly, silently
Sustained on my brow a brief respite of longing;
Noticeable hereafter as dreams contented yesterday
Youth returns during those fun artifacts of history
Distinct parts coalesce into single remembrance.
Exultant recollection forges the bond ripened by time
Reluctant tear drops suddenly to the rocky ground.

Robert Dodson
May 19, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sonnet written for Becky Kopprasch

Before Wisdom

Before wisdom embarks a heart is glad
Ever hoping life trials begin new again
Courage weighs its tests to be truly had
Kept over a winter of cold dark rain
Youth holds within the hope of yesterday
Kissing lips touch upon souls’ to wonder
Open joy spreads wings held at length today
Peace regains lonely chest filled to squander
Prosperity emits its love of hope
Reaching for stars in the sky of morning
After dawns’ breaking casts a shadow sloped
Sun bares life as it opens voice to sing
Choosing victory over sad loss
Hearts gladden the music of sudden cost.

Robert Dodson
May 18, 2009
Trapped Within

Trapped within the walls of the past,
I come to bear the burden of a future gloomy.
Vision is garbled by words of pain and sorrow,
Trouble follows my path toward hope,
I learn nothing as an infant within my heart.
Crawling to frosty stone, windows closed
Grabbing ribbons of far away dreams, I rise
Only seeking faster growth of giving destiny,
The river of my desire stretches outward from a soul,
Twisting into the bend of confused mind,
I seek truth of manly standard, revealed ages ago
When resting upon laurels unearned, I bend over
My cane to support the weight of humanity,
As faith once again beckons me homeward
Reward is never given, only justified for doing
Value for others, crossing my broken and shaky trail;
Destiny realizes that victory was always within my mind.

Robert Dodson
May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Dream

Waking to the distant drum of rain,
I begin a journey fraught with imagined terror.
Clouds low to the brim of reason I see my self
Facing unknown horror, I continue cautious.
Revealed in dreamy state, my vision clouded
Earthly being is around the corner of victory
Startled, events are gloomily similar to life
Without love’s bounty filling the thimble of my chest
I stand watch over dark and crowded vistas of endeavor.
Yet, I touch and fault lies without and within the realm
Of mighty dragon upon the stony surface of my soul
I gaze but cannot see the hope that lies near my breast.
I arise to realize I slept, but did not rest.

Robert Dodson
May 16, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A sonnet for Myra Golden

Customer Service

Making a stand for customer service,
Yearning to help by giving of her soul
Remains consistent in living oneness
Always triumph is the ultimate goal,
Going to the source of failure leaves you
Open to gaining victory of self
Lessons taught lead life toward easy cue
Determined fight leaps off a winning shelf
Each day victory leads to a new way
Never resting always going nonstop
Memory has a new teacher, Myra
Yet assuming chance runs to the new cop
Reaching for a goal is the new refrain
Against all odds success is as the rain.

Robert Dodson
May 14, 2009
Written for Myra Golden

Misty Dawn

Misty dawn reaches for a new horizon
You become as one to life of helping
Reaching out to help a troubled ego
Asking not for self yet wanting victory
Going toward love’s of choice
Open majesty reaches the heart
Loping easily forward the chasm closes
Daring chance leads to success
Early hope lands on a soft shoulder
Nestled among leaves of fallen tree
Makes feeling soft and subtle clinging
Yet learning trust is around the corner
Reaction leads to gentle love
Against the wall anger defeated once more.

Robert Dodson
May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A sonnet for Vicki Elam

Walking Through Time

Walking through time I touch tomorrow glad,
Family, friends, coffee and wine are grand.
I wish to be smartly happy not sad.
As gardening fills the echoes in the sand
A granddaughter waits for her love to see.
Trusting the path, flowers sweet bouquet parts,
A yesterday from walls of memory.
The man comes slowly to embrace their hearts’
The travels through the past reveal that core
Desires remain firmly rooted in present.
Dreams of futures sought, opens a shut door
Love flutters wide ever omnipotent.
There is a hope for love to remain free
Held together by boundless energy.

Robert Dodson
May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Sonnet for Veronica in Maine

Heart of Love

Time has crept rapidly down garden path
Heart of love pounds longingly in my chest
Flowers bloom quickly on the edge of wrath
Clouds of dark temper torments glad hope best.
Rain begins its silent fall to dry ground
Absorbed within the mind of lonely men
The lady sits quietly waiting a sound
Soon a troubled robin lands near the pen.
Over mountains the breeze coldly tails fate
Morning comes sparkling to the valley proud
Journey ends its magic upon the slate,
Destined to begin the tale once more loud;
So you see, love has to be tried by me,
As I walk toward the rim of the sea.

Robert Dodson
May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Mother's Day


I can see you on that mesa, stars above, valley below.
The dim objects your thoughts.
The cacti, far off mountains wondering why...
Dreaming of things that might have been and
Searching the lonely roads of memory,
All the roads lead to nowhere, but I am here
Thinking, wondering, what might have been?
The road of my heart is curved and troubled,
Until the idea comes down the straight line of my brain;
I am lost again without you in my love.
The moon tiptoes through a starry night,
Yielding slowly to the first rays of a red sun;
As day begins to leap upon my vista
The rattler slithers toward noon,
All at once the emotion floods my eyes,
Another Mother’s Day has reached my soul.
My anguish, my loss compels me to share my love,
To my growing daughter that one day too,
I’ll see her on a lonely, starry mesa.
Robert Dodson
May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Topic suggested by A. Thoren

The Kitten and the Bunny

Walking through dry summer pasture
A bunny darts quickly.
Stopping he wiggles his ears to catch the sounds
Sloped rock hides him from easy view.
Nearby a learning kitten stalks an unseen prey,
Cautious the cat creeps
Slowly the kitten moves, pausing for motion.
The bunny unaware nibbles grass,
Ever closer the kitten slinks
Suddenly the kitten leaps.
The bunny darts rapidly and hops away
For a brief moment the kitten follows.
Soon a branch moves in the slight air
A swift movement captures the kitten’s eye.
Off the kitten speedily runs and jumps.
Catching his tail the kitten tumbles
Toward the tiny ribbon of water.
Only I saw the kitten fall into the brook
My kitten emerged soaked through
Shaking his body, then a hind foot kicking out and
Then the other hind foot kicking startles the bunny,
The race was on
Darting to and fro the kitten easily gives up.
I called for “Mister Shadow” with tail pointing up
He rubbed against my leg.

Robert Dodson
May 9, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

Written for Tara Johnston

Labored Dreaming

Tools' puzzle on ordeals buried over victory's mask
Asked, given triumphant happiness of lament streaming
Roles awakened to distant thunder of labored dreaming
Against odds felled by unattained heights eases the task.

Joy streams onward under lids closed open so tightly
Over a hand struggling, reaching the final justice rightly
Honor holds its keys to seek rings never ending travels sight
Nodding approval nurtures a cautious belief of foes timid might.

Seeking multitude tears wel into canyons, valleys lined deep
Trails to a knowing tenderness leave, achieve a bold leap,
Old habits squabble steadily for woken gain to chance
Nothing happens endlessly on doors ajar at the dance.

Robert Dodson
May 4, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Written for Gloria Nelson

Caution Dares

Guarded passion closely held steadies a future told
Lying under dreams studied hope rise ever toward passion
On steamy, silent, sturdy path the trail becomes bold
Raised before dingy, dark, drab feeling hollow eyes vision.

Images haunt harangue, hurtle blindly into seas of change.
Always triumphant, trendy, treating senses sought for final victory.
Needy soul charges, changes, come blasting open walls never sorry.
Escape grasps shoulders and all tossing back to rocks strange

Learned lessons leap atop hope stifling the picture slanted clothes
Sun comes dawn above a horizon dimly, daintily, duly silent again
Old trails left behind comes roaring, rearing, reaching night rain.
Near at hand, hoping, helping distance fears evenly posed.

Caution dares, dreams, and drives forward to chain release
Symptoms stymie, steady fingers aching to cease
Ever going, gazing, galloping quickly sounds advance
Passion pulls, parries minds race upon a last furtive glance.

Giving a quiet respite into life’s’ travels on roads of peace
Nodding loud, leery, luscious bending the final chance
Gaining momentum bloody hands revel at the victory feast
Necessary trials teach, take the overdue lance.

Robert Dodson
April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Written for Amy Thoren

Dreaded Hope

Above open depths of dreaded hope paths cross to lurid lake
Methods drool to venture through a dusty plate.
Yearned compassion lies silently below heart’s window
Echoes of standards visibly take root upon shallow throw

Landing near points, held upon furrowed, feeble furtive brow.
Against mountain backdrop the dream comes boldly clear.
Nestled within a tumbled, tawdry triumphant seer
Among few wanting unknown knowledge burns a dim glow

Trusting, trying, taking chance left for trivial demand
Huddled around styles of muddled gratitude reveals ideas
Obtuse, open, oval strangely gauged toward the sand
Reaps bountiful fancy of thorough, timely, trained fees

Edgy nerves, needful, nurtured stand before the remnant
Nodding turns trials, tested, tough pain reveals greed
Amiable, arid, aware staunches medicinal need
The news, near, necessary comes - your pregnant.
Robert Dodson
April 28, 2009
Written for Laura Yoogood

Through Teary Heart

Listen to paths taught through teary heart above yearning sea
Alter sight under soft, simple voice of reason in the dank night
Use ears to grasp minds daring statement toward presence might
Regain truth of power held under stately, lonely tree.

Ardor for senses masked in the heart disputes kind treasonably
Tested, rested, wrested from crimes central task sensibility
Open doorway beckons child through danger culpability
Onward, journey stumbles on grass burned hazardly.

Glancing, prancing feet take soulful care of motionless breath
Often sensed, seldom heard, truth wages disparate battle
Only wrangled words willfully hold single, bungled beaten death
Dreary skies let forth turbulent anger on earthly chattel.
Robert Dodson
April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Written for Donna L. Wilson

Anchored Voice

Destiny shouts toward waiting valley of far away land
Over stoic remnants of paths long, loping bridge dreams
Never seeking relief from tortured wind and moon beams
Needing fateful sparkled slumber of past reckless stand.

Anchored voice stands steeply silent in staid casks
Looming upon a drenched tale of nightmare tasks
Woven within weeds last chance of halting crest
Images lunge into vortex stalled under the breast.

Lurching forward toward shiny shutter of blue hue
Standards waver beneath burning ember strands of flame
Open taste of seas tirade against granite under blame
Now comes time of seasons just bill is due.
Robert Dodson
April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A poem dedicated to Lisa J. Lehmann

Traveled Vision

Laughing, dreaming fun waits out the door
Intense yearning tugs the gifts of a single heart.
Subtle will exerts its toll upon a supple floor.
Autumns trudge heavily toward the distant start.

Judged jugs justify freely scorned of one just.
Labyrinthine loathing burst upon scenes of trust.
Enduring energy enfolds rugs toward the sound
Hiding closely budged near nestling found

Moments rein the feats of nervous walls.
Around a traveled vision stands goals quiet ground.
Nothing calls to trumpets glorious guiled sound,
Neatly rested over poised wooden stalls.
Robert Dodson
April 26, 2009
A poem dedicated to Lilane Rausch

Maverick Times

Learned events trouble past enjoyment of timely days
Irrigating senses offer solution of majestic beauty.
Leaping upward cleanses souls to sounds for due sea.
Increased abundance stowed for needed phase.

A breeze gently flowing across cheeks tanned
Needing nothing sustains maverick times once banned
Each cloud hold promise of rare moisture seldom dammed
Revealing heat takes upon shoulders seeking rest on the land.

Asking relief need never be spoken to ears unwilling for sound
Useful tears moisten lips never kissed the ground
Solid visions of dreams held last life’s ragged breath
Chosen dreams seek solitude of each day’s death
Held in place by annual reins forever bound.
Robert Dodson
April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Strangely, I have no dedication for this poem. Go Figure.
Smallness Within

Gaze upon the majesty enclosed in the heart
Releases passion for a beginning again.
Days of future seem a distant part,
Pieces hanging loosely in a gentle rain.

Sensing a path once taken thunders soft
Tense muscles need a strain of safety
Looking backward righting my insensitivity
Spooked into a smallness within my loft.

Phased in moments, singly spaced frees life
Dense in spaced, wide valleys of new hope
Going far to be near eases the strife
So long as I never, slip on the soap.
Robert Dodson
September 23, 2007
This poem was written for my wife Faye. We were married on her birthday, April 23, 1985.

Through Misty Forest

Alone walking through misty forest,
Groping to jerk tears from my eyes
An arduous duty calms wisdom’s test
Tying trails to hearts’ talking of far skies.

Hearing victory excites dull tries
As air embraces me among all fires
Facing challenge is my behest
As one debates full charged chest,

Youthful yearning for bravery dear
Energy drains as Sol dips to low sky
Donning thickly skinned events fly
Over often pondering learned final fear.

Dreams of future haunt my soul
Saying nothing is not the crest
Over which I journey toward rest
Neat nesting leaves life a filled bowl.
Robert Dodson
January 14, 2007

This poem was written for Ron Jenkins

Nothing Chanced

Raising voices of trusted safety
Opened my mind to glaring holes
Noted once, then used as souls
Justice opened a raked bee.

Enhanced by age volume peaked
Nesting on past deeds, acts freaked
Kites billowed lazily in spring clouds
Insects crested my tiny soles aloud.

Nothing chanced a dream is lost
Scorning is my hesitant cost
Rising above a small vacant lot
Jerking free I become the moth.
Robert Dodson
March 12, 2007

Thursday, April 09, 2009

This poem was written for Josieinthecity from Twitter

Standing Dream

Journey deep into realms of strong silence
Opened to a voice of long standing dream
Searching evermore for future bubbling stream
Echoes of trips unmade closed by wooden fence.

Lurching forward upon the chasm of penance
Yearning always for peace of substance.
Normal visions face cloudy marred hope
Jabbed into startled fortitude of the slope.

Over majestic vistas of untouched chance
Seared upon brains reaching clouds’ gate
Emitting soundless cries of terrors cruel slate
Looming into view abreast problems dense.

Yokes held tightly upon shoulders weak
Nodding upon a gaze desperately sought.
Justice leaps forward above hearts’ reach,
Mission stands finished as work not bought.

Robert Dodson
April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This poem was inspired by DebsSweet of Twitter.


Dreams evoke bare open reigns attached hearts
Argue upon simplistic tomorrow’s inner necessity
Daring to climb solitude for enduring torts
Each day brings past creep toward missed sea.

Braced moonlight quivers through barren limbs,
Opportunity fails hope riding dense forest
Rankled under pillars of gloried taught hymns
As breath returns haltingly begs nights’ rest.

Hope leaps through throats long reach
Alone fighting struggles of faded misery
Using unknown wisdom beaches eerie
Sounds of danger closer to forsaken breach.

Time stands solid upon eons of moments
Inside chests moving ragged for lost cheer
Nestled within spans of misshapen ascents
Altered ugly stains tumble inside nature.
Robert Dodson
April 7, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is a poem inspired by Twitter user @deltavogue.

A Sleepless Heart

Misty dawn awakens a sleepless heart
Open to care trods gently upward
Numbers dance deep blessing parts
Inside a soul chanced with bent hope.

Craving desire to aid a venture risky
Alive within the confines of memory
Loping faster to reach unseen cart;
Richer to be born alive in the sun.

Of dreams forever scalded on vision
Withheld beneath a beating start to
Labor diligently for the days of fun;
Amid a careless spoken silent word.

Neighbors sense purpose of known threat
Delight brims upon a minds’ surface
Mirroring a birth that never ceases,
Remaining true now until stars fade.
Robert Dodson
April 4, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roads of Time

This poem was written for a poetry contest. A couple of weeks earlier, my dad passed away. I was still grieving and still hadn't shed any tears from his passing. When I began the poem, it was to be about something else. But this was the first and only draft, it seems God directed my heart and my pen (fingers typing). So with 12 lines of poetry, I remembered my life with my dad. The result of the poetry contest you ask? It was selected as one of about fifty others for third place. The poem is the namesake of my blog.

Roads of Time

Walking the lonely roads of time, I face myself.
The puffs of dust gently follow the slight air,
As the grains fall slowly, they echo my despair.
Raising my eyes, misery lies on the shelf.

The pounding in my chest never ceases, ever drumming
hopes of newness unknown, wilting my joy forever.
Creasing brow tangles the web of larger endeavor.
Cautious moments bloom again into smiles of humming.

Stalking the days of glory on sun-drenched youth,
Seas foaming, calling back to visions once held.
Last images always haunt minds gazing truth,
Praising battles fought in life alone and felled.

Robert Dodson
May 1995

Friday, March 27, 2009

Adapt or Change – Life with a Disability

It all began on a balmy fall evening. With siren wailing, the ambulance slid to a stop at the emergency room. Rapidly, people were bustling about the stretcher occupied by a very pregnant lady. The attendants wheeled her into the closest available labor room. Sometime later, upon proper dilation, she was taken into the delivery room. About twenty minutes later, a healthy green eyed baby boy was born. Starting to fill out the birth certificate, the nurse glanced at her wrist watch. The time was one twenty A.M., October 31, 1951. Three days later the new mother was released from the hospital. The weather had changed drastically. It was now very wintry and cold in Houston, Texas. As the child grew, that weather change was a peek into the change coming in the infants’ life.

At seven months the child was christened in the Lutheran church. By this time, he was pulling himself up on furniture and doing other things in preparation for walking. Two weeks later, the child became ill. At first, the young mother thought he had the flu. A day or two later, while resting in his crib, the attractive young mother noticed he wasn’t making the effort to standup holding onto the rail. Knowing there was the beginning of a polio outbreak in Houston, she rushed her child to the doctor.

She was promptly called back to visit the doctor. Examining the child, the pediatrician confirmed the hopeful mother’s fears. Robert had polio. The doctor began preparations to treat the child. At the time, the only hospital with adequate facilities to treat polio was the VA hospital in Houston. The doctor arranged everything. Two hours later the child was admitted as the youngest patient to ever be hospitalized in that VA hospital. During his stay, Robert spent time in an iron lung and received massage therapy. A few weeks later, Robert was scheduled for release.

Dorothy, Robert’s mother, was called in for a final consultation with the attending physician. She was told that the polio had started in Robert’s right arm, spread through his entire, tiny body and settled back into his right arm. She was told his arm would never grow to be normal and the bone would always be brittle. From that day forward, she vowed to protect her son as only a mother can. She was told he would always have to wear an arm brace to straighten his bent wrist and protect his arm.

Till he was eight, Robert lived a fairly normal child’s life. He was taught the things most mothers’ teach their children, respect, manners and the difference between right and wrong. He entered first grade at five years old in Louisiana, because he would be six before the end of the calendar year. His first teacher pitied him and didn’t teach him anything. Fortunately, for Robert and the rest of the people he would touch; the family moved to a new home in Lafayette, Louisiana.