Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Written for Laura Yoogood

Through Teary Heart

Listen to paths taught through teary heart above yearning sea
Alter sight under soft, simple voice of reason in the dank night
Use ears to grasp minds daring statement toward presence might
Regain truth of power held under stately, lonely tree.

Ardor for senses masked in the heart disputes kind treasonably
Tested, rested, wrested from crimes central task sensibility
Open doorway beckons child through danger culpability
Onward, journey stumbles on grass burned hazardly.

Glancing, prancing feet take soulful care of motionless breath
Often sensed, seldom heard, truth wages disparate battle
Only wrangled words willfully hold single, bungled beaten death
Dreary skies let forth turbulent anger on earthly chattel.
Robert Dodson
April 28, 2009
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