Monday, August 31, 2009

Taste of Romance

Sweaty, swaggering, swerving thought render my love hostage,
Long breathes the taste of romance on my soaring spirit freed
Songs strongly sound their emotions over magical prairie sage
Leave growth to a tender yearning for grateful hope’s seed.

Dancing through the present yields a bursting glory of silence
Chances reveal the mighty test of daring chasms of victory
Fancy ceremony belies the ragged majesty of delayed balance
Stances strafed stately sunlit crested waves of licorice sea.

Happiness like a shaking Jell-o star filled the senses of care,
Joined my dream filled pink piggy bank of coins to share
The last vacation of summer with stony faced desert rocks
Separated the valley of life like the part in my pumpkin locks.

Clanging clock bells boom the time of changing future nears,
Hanging happily on blossomed limb wind chimes clear cheer,
Yanking noodles of my soupy lust lunges deep within fears,
Banking right toward the destiny of fate, living free sneers.

Waxing moon brightens dimly shadowed palms lining jagged coast,
Squishy, squeamish sand massage the sole of gladly glaring toes
Relaxing breeze curries the tune of my desire upon desperate foes,
My bubbling goddess carries me over living journeys ghostly host.

Robert Dodson
September 1, 2009