Saturday, June 27, 2009


We walk the silently screaming beach
Hand in hand with my loving wife.
I rise in the morning to an alarms’ call
Together we perform the morning ritual.
Sometimes I spend an extra moment over coffee
Others I rush to complete tasks for the day.
I go to a movie, the mall or the park
I can attend the church I choose or not.
I take an early morning jog to stay fit
I could visit a museum, a friend or go home.
Today I choose where and what I do.
I can waste my money or I can save for the future.
I could call my closest friend or email my congressman
If I want I can vote for the best candidate.
I can criticize my elected officials and fear not.
I can buy anything I have money to buy.
It could be a vehicle, a lamp or illegal drugs.
I could perform all manner of improper things.
I have that right.
I have the choice to obey the law and most like me do.
I have that right today.
I can travel the farthest reaches of our country or planet
I cand stand in awe at the Grand Canyon
Or visit the Statue of Liberty.
For all these things and many others
I thank the American soldier.
Thank a serviceman who gave us these choices.

Robert Dodson
June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009


Gentle summer breezes touch the prairie with loving hands
Mountain ridge guards a rustic and serene valley below
Tiny stream bubbles across mystic rocky formation slow
Scattered trees shelter nature’s surreptitious band.

Glaring sunlight heats the small herd of grazing bison
Nearby the growing corn shares the sluggish wind
The quaint ranch house nestles against rocky bend
Flowers decorate the vista in multi colored fun.

Vacation retreat gathers enduring grace to give
Harmony is ruptured by music of the scenery
Peaceful surrounds the dreams I passionately live
Each time I visit the wide open big sky country.

Robert Dodson
June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Cottage

In wintry cold the cottage stands vacant
On sea swept hill the beach invites
Lonely is the surrounding countryside
Months slowly ebb into glowing spring land.

New season jumps willing into sudden green
Repainted cabin beckons for companionship
Robust family arrives on welcoming scene
Stowing luggage, they rest from travel blips.

Vacation spent passed like a fiery comet
Reflection on past soothed nestled fears grip
Next year seems further than distant planet
Togetherness held links to magnify passions trip.

As fall leads to winter the cottage is empty again
Doors and windows shuttered against nature’s fury
Once more the countryside feels sad and dreary
The seasons will change like perpetual rain.

Robert Dodson
June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dreams Ascend

Passion falls to dusty floor sad
Past events raise a battled trust glad
Minutes chug drearily into a future mad
Broken promise endures terrible trouble bad.

Love rises from within bursting on the soul
Lost in togetherness conquered values spread
Dreams ascend meteoric clash of dread
Settled score resolves hope held icily cold.

Joined forever leads mission to save fancy
Flowered aisle defines the promised future
Seaside visit created zeal always chancy
Years flew rapidly by like painted picture.

Robert Dodson
June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happiness Reborn

Grasping for insight, I reached the threshold,
Retreat gains lessons given gilded glamour
Advance toward living destiny once foretold
Instinct garners a hope held tightly enamored.

Happiness reborn catches rewards to reuse,
Stepping from the glow love carves truce
Forging strength as joy leaps through care
Leaving despair ditched in the river fair.

Giving trust earns respect for truth said,
Laying on the edge of victory could descend
Chanced defeat from traveled bend
Makes forgiveness’ a debt already paid.

Robert Dodson
June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father’s Day

Today I reflect on the past,
Strong hands helped tie my shoes,
Taught me important things
I cherish today and always.
My character is my foundation
Laid in place by a gentle man.
The things I learned so long ago
Built me to be the best I could.
Tangible habits are the evidence
But those unseen traits are my walls.
Honor, manners and respect were learned
Mostly by example, some by a slap
Gratitude fills my heart every day.
Living life is my daily tribute
We had good and bad times
But through it all we shared love.
Sometimes spoken, but mainly unsaid
I am proud to call this gentle man, Dad.

Robert Dodson
June 21, 2009
Fulfilled Hopes

Yesterday I crawled at the vigil of leaping present,
Seeking a route through the dreary sight of daring
Lost among the frenetic harbinger upon emotion pent
Holding time’s grasp of feeble mentioned caring.

Today I stand resplendent in dizzying bequest
Distracted purpose holds hysterical heart
Touched by symbolic reticence is my behest
Wrapped within my quiet dream, I start.

Tomorrow I hobbled to faraway drummer
Fulfilled hopes satisfy living courage free
Mistaken ideas garble their way to summer
As I become the writhing waves in the sea.

Robert Dodson
June 21, 2009