Saturday, July 18, 2009

Desires Shelf

Walking to the broken edge of struggling misery,
Reality slams its hopeful face onto faulty mind,
Torn asunder by mixed focus dreams will bind,
Trudging toward brink of sanity, vision freed.

The imprisoned memory floats in freedom,
Wafting glory over sweaty tormented body
Pardoned faith responds quietly its drum,
Living begins with dreams held set free.

Destiny’s course pens itself upon vacant trust,
Racing gathers each victory for desires shelf,
The laps of life increase each chanced success,
Sparkling sun shines glowing reward of self.

Robert Dodson
July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Drought

Tall grows the summer burnt rows of needful corn,
Parched earth begs its mercy toward hazy heavens,
Farmers wander fields’ once lush and vibrant gems,
Needed moisture abandons the farm with scorn.

Kneeled in prayer weathered face pleads case,
Other crops welcome the regular calls for rain,
The dry summer breeze crosses dying plain,
Hopeful eyes search longingly for hidden ace.

Days plod slowly toward summers’ needed end,
Parched lips mutter the routine cry for wetness,
On the horizon lost clouds begins to darkly rend,
Slow drizzle starts its downward trail to bless.

Robert Dodson
July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cowboy Paradise

Dramatic rocky outcrop forms soulful reflective sight,
Sheer red cliff rises abruptly toward cloudless sky,
The sinewy raging river calms below rapids bright,
Basin spreads its peaceful glory upon fortune’s eye.

The beckoning mountain hides behind festive spruce,
Snuggled against lonesome ledge tiny shack waits,
Fireplace shows whisper thin smoke filtered states,
Rustic well and corral hold sway an uneasy truce.

Restless cowboy saunters through sparse clearing,
Howling coyote silhouettes the slivered harvest moon,
Critters and birds and insects sound a steady tune,
The cowboy lightly sleeps till dawn breaks unhearing.

Robert Dodson
July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Gawking at the romantic serenity of valley green,
Pounding heart stirs the beating rhythm tranquil,
Love gathers its fondness at my footfalls serene,
The sounds in the air and trees suddenly still.

The roaring blood of my ears loudly drains
Rising temperature cools like summer rain,
Senses heightened by the aroma of love,
Feelings cascade over my being from above.

Romance does a nimble dance in my head,
Partners forever share common dreams,
Clear starry night hide faint moon beams,
For my amorous goddess my arms spread.

Robert Dodson
July 14, 2009