Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Essentials of Youth Ministry Today

Recently, through my church, I attended a session dealing with youth ministry. I would like to share some of what I learned. In recent years, there has been a dramatic decrease in youth attendance at churches all around the globe. Youth should lead the planet towards a revival of the Gospel as the “last days” draw nearer.

I strongly feel, youth ministers, pastors and interested others should begin today to lead youth towards a revival of the Gospel. It will not be an easy road, nor will it be an overnight success. It will be rewarding.

Youth want real, genuine people to lead them. Be there, live the Gospel. As youth leaders begin building the foundation for growing or starting their ministries have the Gospel as the driving force. There are many great ideas to use in building a thriving youth ministry. A few suggestions are:

  Go where the youth are.
  Be creative to reach youth.
  Play Frisbee, football, baseball, (Avenues to spread the Gospel)
  Have a pizza night, do whatever it takes.
  Reach the ones willing to be reached. Most likely the pre-teens.
  The best evangelism method is the one you use.
  Your outreach method is to come back to the Gospel.

There seems to be a tendency to move away from teaching the gospel to more teaching of religion, rituals and such. Youth ministers should be making a dedicated effort at teaching the grace of the Gospel as well as the Gospel itself. Until then, youth will continue to flounder, struggle and wonder about the Gospel. True understanding of the grace of the gospel is key to salvation. It helps to understand your salvation, not having doubts.

The key to ministry is rubbing shoulders with Christ so when you rub shoulders with another you are sharing Jesus. Dead men don’t struggle. God’s making you hate the sin and making you want to be more like Christ. Paul (Romans 7) I hate the sin I do.

The Holy Spirit is how we relate to God. How we learn more about God. Two way communication between God and you is how to relate to God. Find a tangible way to relate to God. It becomes real when it becomes tangible. Student’s want to experience God in a real way.

Scripture is to lead us into a relationship with the Spirit. Spend your quiet time with God to hear Him speak to you. He will tell you He loves you and He will guide you on your path as long as you are actively listening and seeking Him and the Spirit. Pray without ceasing is God walking with you, it’s what Paul was saying in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

Ministry has to rest in the relationship. Becoming passionate about Jesus and evangelism and your ministry will take care of itself. God will then begin opening doors for you. Trust God and you will see awesome things.

Robert Dodson
April 24, 2013