Friday, July 24, 2009

Slumbering Greatness

Looking in necessity desires adept sense motivated in the heart,
Interest walks a tangible breath upon landscape decorated boldly
Needful symmetry weaves a delicate balance at curious fed start
Diverse fantasy leads will toward preordained victory held coldly.

Ambition lays foundation of boldness and courage built dreams,
Submerged reality swims a roaring river upward in the mind,
Measured steps strive to stabilize rocky journey through streams
Integrity strives harder against enemies forceful and behind.

Tangible aspiration raises temerity beyond natural validity,
Hesitation dies agonizing beyond its fortress veiled heart,
Lumbering anticipation steadies faith railed needlessly sharp
Slumbering greatness rises like startled hope awakened freely.

Robert Dodson
July 24, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Journey

Searching for glittering destiny sprinkles resolute faith deeply,
The brave kiss of hope lingers like gentle fog through the ages.
Deliberate focus gains strength from accomplished pages,
Chosen dream longs the heart up craggy mountains steeply.

Successes overwhelm lonely and sad defeats by spirit true,
Dusting failure from sturdy shoulders winning begins again.
Tunnels light grows huge with each plodding step taken sane,
Glorious campaign always continues till body turns so blue.

Achievement of life satisfies the soul with momentary rest,
New day dawns starving for unfilled appetite of lofty test.
Struggle worthy builds character solid to waltz among best,
With last breath the empire remains sparkling golden chest.

Robert Dodson
July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Aroma of Life The aroma of life beckons delight to savor forever, Colored sea of flowered hills thrills the view gently, Trees give shade to journey through dense glee, Clearings mirror thoughts held on memories river. Traveled roads lead to crucial treasures unknown, Strolling the beaches rowdy waves are hope sown, Endless prairie disguises fear in the waving grass, Serrated mountains urge expectancy through morass. Lush crops fuel ambition to reap recompense of being, Enigmatic cattle ranches feed desires of many to self, Refreshing rain cleanses emotions for heart’s shelf, Radiating sunshine envelopes life’s yearning for seeing. Robert Dodson July 20, 2009