Saturday, June 06, 2009

An idea inspired by Bonnie Snyder

Bucket List

Stranded at the edge of penance I wander on,
Inward zeal is held at bay by turbulent fight.
Coated focus rolls under my soul like winged flight,
Weathered past boils from forgotten eons gone.

Crossing lip of yawning abyss tests hope,
Jubilant strength journeys through tingled skin,
Ruptured roar of triumph voices a rare glint
Endured tribulation overcomes vicious slope.

Continued travel reveals fervor always held
Delighted vision glows its rising need of care
Bucket lists final success breathes its last air
And life lived well had gained its ultimate shell.

Robert Dodson
June 6, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

Time Marches

Clouded moon gathers its tidal claim below
Gilded manners tilt passion’s proven gift
Taken fears levy a mortal freedom lift,
Searched goodness follows meted flow.

Harvest orb beckons golden glow
Crisp, fall air warms shallow heart
Breath blown gently touches smartly
Ears stiffly cold from northern blown.

Springs graded globe echoes called hope
Heated warmth thaws chilled wisdom
Through searched past reveals doldrums’;
Time marches again on parades float.

Robert Dodson
June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vaunted Love

Traveled path bequeaths its welcome on the heart,
Circled forms challenge their gaudy intent of start,
Trusted nature relaxes a fabled heathen gaze,
Musty fate garners strength from encompassed maze.

Wrangled fear grabs lighted globules pasty goo
Tangled box jettisons storied tale of yesterday,
Raveled string begins hunt for continued due,
Graveled face marches forward on knotted clay.

Bangled arm raises hope of lesser victory
Haunted mind grapples ideals seldom been
Mangled dreams fight a courageous story
Vaunted love retakes battles eternally seen.

Robert Dodson
June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Silent Witness

Three rail wooden fence remain lonely guard along summer field
Weathered timber shows raucous grey state of disorder
Proud and hungry a buck emerges from broken woodland
Near the railing the animal pauses, testing muffled breeze.

Leaping the barrier the majestic deer disappears into thicket
Glittered sun struggles higher into morning’s cloudless azure sky
Faintly green grasses wave gently, silently to passing fowl
Beckoning tiny herd of wild mustangs sensing hidden pond.

The dappled grey stallion strays away to low crested hill
Anxiously he urges his brood to waters reed covered edge,
Standing aloof he watches the others drink their fill
Nervous, he dips his head and drinks from muddy water.

The clearing empties as the herd flees the grove again,
A sudden rain materializes over the pasture
Spirits scurry seeking shelter from the downpour
The fence remains silent witness along summer field.

Robert Dodson
June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A sonnet for Marlene Bittner


Mysterious spirit leaves restless hope
Attached at spongy railing ripened long,
Rippled curves splashes being as pope;
Liberated feelings sing their low song.
Events course rapidly through creation
Natural corn husks emit fervent roar,
Elements stranded pace their lonely fun
Bravado exudes its lonesome, sad core.
Intense emotion draws near the surface
Travel destiny reaches minds’ false tip,
Taking meaning from soulful, painted lace,
Nuzzled within magical parted lips.

Emerging loudly on enemy ears,
Roaring multitude shouts Go, Go Huskers!

Robert Dodson
June 2, 2009

Monday, June 01, 2009

A poem for Alana Morgan


Alone within a vision of gathered thought,
Letters idled formed words I loosely sought.
Alert to grainy images of future topic I sat,
Nurtured upon veils of soldered muse hat.

Austere auspice formed upon cracked lips,
Joy leapt sinking down a rising low sound,
Moistened again glad vibrations seeped clips
Over trials of disparate need unfound and bound.

Rituals began among the tracks in the eye’s mind,
Gaining footholds of chancy utterance laid waste,
Allowing victory to grovel toward its slow haste
Nodding head on chest was the glorious find.

Robert Dodson
June 1, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A sonnet for Jackie Castle


Jocularity abounds in worn face,
Against subtle smile rests festive moon light
Castles defend honor to endless race
Kingdoms romance her gratitude’s slow might.

Inside a destiny of growing beast
Exudes marked disaster under sought trust
Captured fancy rails among the small feast
At proper glaring stare marks a loose fuss.

Seldom graded justice holds forth its brow
Trailed vision seeks to burst the sea coldly
Lesson emerges set free by garish throw,
Entering muddled silence near bold sea.

Robert Dodson
May 31, 2009