Friday, January 10, 2014

Love Gathered

Love gathered round glows full force toward the unknown,
Sheltered within the boundless time of hope slips boned
Glove tethered upon a glory stained vibrant crimson rose
Ever caressing edges of tingling fields of hips lightly posed.

Thoughts lathered in frenzied worry ponder mysteries lone
Shielded inward along beams floundered found ground stone
Caught clinging delicately dimmed drained devoid by flows

Immobile embracing with splendor sullied, coldness glows.

Missing collected visions of romance beckons fondness shown
Protected along boundaries limitless on faith bounded zone
Held trussed lightly, brightly, slightly feigned glanced blows
Silently shouts glimmering dreams luxury of smeared throes.

Playing Echoes

Touched by a lazy spring wind,
Random wisps of brunet locks
Arc across lips, cheek and find
Creased smiles upon gray frocks.

Yearning glows through russet eyes
Caution flows intact to tender highs
Among stirred dormant emotion
Moving ever higher on attraction.

Playing echoes of memory lost
Baying at golden moon’s frost
Ever standing lone in many
Leveraged for the zany.
Lessons learned with zany cost.

Robert Dodson
December 26, 2013
For Tracy Campbell