Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Dream

Waking to the distant drum of rain,
I begin a journey fraught with imagined terror.
Clouds low to the brim of reason I see my self
Facing unknown horror, I continue cautious.
Revealed in dreamy state, my vision clouded
Earthly being is around the corner of victory
Startled, events are gloomily similar to life
Without love’s bounty filling the thimble of my chest
I stand watch over dark and crowded vistas of endeavor.
Yet, I touch and fault lies without and within the realm
Of mighty dragon upon the stony surface of my soul
I gaze but cannot see the hope that lies near my breast.
I arise to realize I slept, but did not rest.

Robert Dodson
May 16, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A sonnet for Myra Golden

Customer Service

Making a stand for customer service,
Yearning to help by giving of her soul
Remains consistent in living oneness
Always triumph is the ultimate goal,
Going to the source of failure leaves you
Open to gaining victory of self
Lessons taught lead life toward easy cue
Determined fight leaps off a winning shelf
Each day victory leads to a new way
Never resting always going nonstop
Memory has a new teacher, Myra
Yet assuming chance runs to the new cop
Reaching for a goal is the new refrain
Against all odds success is as the rain.

Robert Dodson
May 14, 2009
Written for Myra Golden

Misty Dawn

Misty dawn reaches for a new horizon
You become as one to life of helping
Reaching out to help a troubled ego
Asking not for self yet wanting victory
Going toward love’s of choice
Open majesty reaches the heart
Loping easily forward the chasm closes
Daring chance leads to success
Early hope lands on a soft shoulder
Nestled among leaves of fallen tree
Makes feeling soft and subtle clinging
Yet learning trust is around the corner
Reaction leads to gentle love
Against the wall anger defeated once more.

Robert Dodson
May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A sonnet for Vicki Elam

Walking Through Time

Walking through time I touch tomorrow glad,
Family, friends, coffee and wine are grand.
I wish to be smartly happy not sad.
As gardening fills the echoes in the sand
A granddaughter waits for her love to see.
Trusting the path, flowers sweet bouquet parts,
A yesterday from walls of memory.
The man comes slowly to embrace their hearts’
The travels through the past reveal that core
Desires remain firmly rooted in present.
Dreams of futures sought, opens a shut door
Love flutters wide ever omnipotent.
There is a hope for love to remain free
Held together by boundless energy.

Robert Dodson
May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Sonnet for Veronica in Maine

Heart of Love

Time has crept rapidly down garden path
Heart of love pounds longingly in my chest
Flowers bloom quickly on the edge of wrath
Clouds of dark temper torments glad hope best.
Rain begins its silent fall to dry ground
Absorbed within the mind of lonely men
The lady sits quietly waiting a sound
Soon a troubled robin lands near the pen.
Over mountains the breeze coldly tails fate
Morning comes sparkling to the valley proud
Journey ends its magic upon the slate,
Destined to begin the tale once more loud;
So you see, love has to be tried by me,
As I walk toward the rim of the sea.

Robert Dodson
May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Mother's Day


I can see you on that mesa, stars above, valley below.
The dim objects your thoughts.
The cacti, far off mountains wondering why...
Dreaming of things that might have been and
Searching the lonely roads of memory,
All the roads lead to nowhere, but I am here
Thinking, wondering, what might have been?
The road of my heart is curved and troubled,
Until the idea comes down the straight line of my brain;
I am lost again without you in my love.
The moon tiptoes through a starry night,
Yielding slowly to the first rays of a red sun;
As day begins to leap upon my vista
The rattler slithers toward noon,
All at once the emotion floods my eyes,
Another Mother’s Day has reached my soul.
My anguish, my loss compels me to share my love,
To my growing daughter that one day too,
I’ll see her on a lonely, starry mesa.
Robert Dodson
May 10, 2009