Saturday, May 23, 2009

A sonnet in memory of all our fallen veterans!

Freedom Earned

Walking to the sandy beach I recall
Why I can. A veteran paid for me,
My liberty crafts me overly tall
As I walk the shores of the raging sea.
The sky above is bluer today;
Given me by proud soldier or sailor
In service many have fallen to say
Stand up proud this day for sake of valor.
The flag wave’s majestic of freedom won
By heroes unsung on field of mêlée;
Satisfying courage earned to the bone
Giving life a long lasting victory

As a remembrance to the future free
Thank a brave veteran for you and me.

Robert Dodson
May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Birthday Sonnet for those celebrating today and everday!

The Party

The cottage is flowing with excitement
Friends and Family hiding everywhere,
Covered with bows and ribbons wait presents
Cake adorned with Happy Birthday sits there.
The imminent arrival is trying,
Guests’ patience grows quiet and jittery.
Time slowly moves forward as a phone rings
The hostess quickly garners joyful glee
The guest of honor comes round the corner
Decked out in womanly church finery
Reaching the entrance like a sad mourner
Tugging the door open for all to see.

Shouts of Happy Birthday arrive to hear
Face beaming radiant with glowing cheer.

Robert Dodson
May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Golden rays of sunshine reach the valley
Below mountain peaks towering and grand
Sits a lanky youth waiting patiently
Huddled near undergrowth and takes a stand
At the tree line deer emerge into view
Grazing down slope they near the waiting lad
A startled bird rises quickly on cue
The lone buck surveys the scene wisely glad
Cautious, nearer and nearer the herd feed
Beaded sweat dripping from an anxious brow
The sun glides slowly across the pasture
An eagle soars above vistas below
The boy glances at the faded picture
Eagerly the regal buck struts proudly
The shot fells the deer, the youth screams loudly.

Robert Dodson
May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Visitor

New to these white sand beaches slipping into ocean blue
I traveled far to brave the journey of hope and love
Beginning life anew with wishes and dreams so true
I received my vision bold and filled from sky above.

I toil and mix with friends all different and new
I venture daily to majestic seas quiet awesome view.
Never far from discovery, seeking damp shadows
To remain unseen even in pleasant meadows, though

Mostly frightened of native, unenlightened fear
Avoiding confrontation both near and far
Inhabitants always shout, scream and jeer
After learning my home is a distant star.

Robert Dodson
May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

A poem for Bonnie Snyder

Faded Memory

Breathe the sound of open windows of farming beauty
Once the smell of cooking dies away, the memory
Nears senses long hidden under years of neglect;
Now I visit the cradle of youth to hold up my future,
Inside a rustic shot of valley meadow and flowers
Easily becomes a past remembered sweetly, silently
Sustained on my brow a brief respite of longing;
Noticeable hereafter as dreams contented yesterday
Youth returns during those fun artifacts of history
Distinct parts coalesce into single remembrance.
Exultant recollection forges the bond ripened by time
Reluctant tear drops suddenly to the rocky ground.

Robert Dodson
May 19, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sonnet written for Becky Kopprasch

Before Wisdom

Before wisdom embarks a heart is glad
Ever hoping life trials begin new again
Courage weighs its tests to be truly had
Kept over a winter of cold dark rain
Youth holds within the hope of yesterday
Kissing lips touch upon souls’ to wonder
Open joy spreads wings held at length today
Peace regains lonely chest filled to squander
Prosperity emits its love of hope
Reaching for stars in the sky of morning
After dawns’ breaking casts a shadow sloped
Sun bares life as it opens voice to sing
Choosing victory over sad loss
Hearts gladden the music of sudden cost.

Robert Dodson
May 18, 2009
Trapped Within

Trapped within the walls of the past,
I come to bear the burden of a future gloomy.
Vision is garbled by words of pain and sorrow,
Trouble follows my path toward hope,
I learn nothing as an infant within my heart.
Crawling to frosty stone, windows closed
Grabbing ribbons of far away dreams, I rise
Only seeking faster growth of giving destiny,
The river of my desire stretches outward from a soul,
Twisting into the bend of confused mind,
I seek truth of manly standard, revealed ages ago
When resting upon laurels unearned, I bend over
My cane to support the weight of humanity,
As faith once again beckons me homeward
Reward is never given, only justified for doing
Value for others, crossing my broken and shaky trail;
Destiny realizes that victory was always within my mind.

Robert Dodson
May 17, 2009