Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trapped Within

Trapped within the walls of the past,
I come to bear the burden of a future gloomy.
Vision is garbled by words of pain and sorrow,
Trouble follows my path toward hope,
I learn nothing as an infant within my heart.
Crawling to frosty stone, windows closed
Grabbing ribbons of far away dreams, I rise
Only seeking faster growth of giving destiny,
The river of my desire stretches outward from a soul,
Twisting into the bend of confused mind,
I seek truth of manly standard, revealed ages ago
When resting upon laurels unearned, I bend over
My cane to support the weight of humanity,
As faith once again beckons me homeward
Reward is never given, only justified for doing
Value for others, crossing my broken and shaky trail;
Destiny realizes that victory was always within my mind.

Robert Dodson
May 17, 2009
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