Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Written for Gloria Nelson

Caution Dares

Guarded passion closely held steadies a future told
Lying under dreams studied hope rise ever toward passion
On steamy, silent, sturdy path the trail becomes bold
Raised before dingy, dark, drab feeling hollow eyes vision.

Images haunt harangue, hurtle blindly into seas of change.
Always triumphant, trendy, treating senses sought for final victory.
Needy soul charges, changes, come blasting open walls never sorry.
Escape grasps shoulders and all tossing back to rocks strange

Learned lessons leap atop hope stifling the picture slanted clothes
Sun comes dawn above a horizon dimly, daintily, duly silent again
Old trails left behind comes roaring, rearing, reaching night rain.
Near at hand, hoping, helping distance fears evenly posed.

Caution dares, dreams, and drives forward to chain release
Symptoms stymie, steady fingers aching to cease
Ever going, gazing, galloping quickly sounds advance
Passion pulls, parries minds race upon a last furtive glance.

Giving a quiet respite into life’s’ travels on roads of peace
Nodding loud, leery, luscious bending the final chance
Gaining momentum bloody hands revel at the victory feast
Necessary trials teach, take the overdue lance.

Robert Dodson
April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Written for Amy Thoren

Dreaded Hope

Above open depths of dreaded hope paths cross to lurid lake
Methods drool to venture through a dusty plate.
Yearned compassion lies silently below heart’s window
Echoes of standards visibly take root upon shallow throw

Landing near points, held upon furrowed, feeble furtive brow.
Against mountain backdrop the dream comes boldly clear.
Nestled within a tumbled, tawdry triumphant seer
Among few wanting unknown knowledge burns a dim glow

Trusting, trying, taking chance left for trivial demand
Huddled around styles of muddled gratitude reveals ideas
Obtuse, open, oval strangely gauged toward the sand
Reaps bountiful fancy of thorough, timely, trained fees

Edgy nerves, needful, nurtured stand before the remnant
Nodding turns trials, tested, tough pain reveals greed
Amiable, arid, aware staunches medicinal need
The news, near, necessary comes - your pregnant.
Robert Dodson
April 28, 2009
Written for Laura Yoogood

Through Teary Heart

Listen to paths taught through teary heart above yearning sea
Alter sight under soft, simple voice of reason in the dank night
Use ears to grasp minds daring statement toward presence might
Regain truth of power held under stately, lonely tree.

Ardor for senses masked in the heart disputes kind treasonably
Tested, rested, wrested from crimes central task sensibility
Open doorway beckons child through danger culpability
Onward, journey stumbles on grass burned hazardly.

Glancing, prancing feet take soulful care of motionless breath
Often sensed, seldom heard, truth wages disparate battle
Only wrangled words willfully hold single, bungled beaten death
Dreary skies let forth turbulent anger on earthly chattel.
Robert Dodson
April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Written for Donna L. Wilson

Anchored Voice

Destiny shouts toward waiting valley of far away land
Over stoic remnants of paths long, loping bridge dreams
Never seeking relief from tortured wind and moon beams
Needing fateful sparkled slumber of past reckless stand.

Anchored voice stands steeply silent in staid casks
Looming upon a drenched tale of nightmare tasks
Woven within weeds last chance of halting crest
Images lunge into vortex stalled under the breast.

Lurching forward toward shiny shutter of blue hue
Standards waver beneath burning ember strands of flame
Open taste of seas tirade against granite under blame
Now comes time of seasons just bill is due.
Robert Dodson
April 26, 2009