Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Written for Amy Thoren

Dreaded Hope

Above open depths of dreaded hope paths cross to lurid lake
Methods drool to venture through a dusty plate.
Yearned compassion lies silently below heart’s window
Echoes of standards visibly take root upon shallow throw

Landing near points, held upon furrowed, feeble furtive brow.
Against mountain backdrop the dream comes boldly clear.
Nestled within a tumbled, tawdry triumphant seer
Among few wanting unknown knowledge burns a dim glow

Trusting, trying, taking chance left for trivial demand
Huddled around styles of muddled gratitude reveals ideas
Obtuse, open, oval strangely gauged toward the sand
Reaps bountiful fancy of thorough, timely, trained fees

Edgy nerves, needful, nurtured stand before the remnant
Nodding turns trials, tested, tough pain reveals greed
Amiable, arid, aware staunches medicinal need
The news, near, necessary comes - your pregnant.
Robert Dodson
April 28, 2009
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