Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Written for Gloria Nelson

Caution Dares

Guarded passion closely held steadies a future told
Lying under dreams studied hope rise ever toward passion
On steamy, silent, sturdy path the trail becomes bold
Raised before dingy, dark, drab feeling hollow eyes vision.

Images haunt harangue, hurtle blindly into seas of change.
Always triumphant, trendy, treating senses sought for final victory.
Needy soul charges, changes, come blasting open walls never sorry.
Escape grasps shoulders and all tossing back to rocks strange

Learned lessons leap atop hope stifling the picture slanted clothes
Sun comes dawn above a horizon dimly, daintily, duly silent again
Old trails left behind comes roaring, rearing, reaching night rain.
Near at hand, hoping, helping distance fears evenly posed.

Caution dares, dreams, and drives forward to chain release
Symptoms stymie, steady fingers aching to cease
Ever going, gazing, galloping quickly sounds advance
Passion pulls, parries minds race upon a last furtive glance.

Giving a quiet respite into life’s’ travels on roads of peace
Nodding loud, leery, luscious bending the final chance
Gaining momentum bloody hands revel at the victory feast
Necessary trials teach, take the overdue lance.

Robert Dodson
April 29, 2009
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