Thursday, April 09, 2009

This poem was written for Josieinthecity from Twitter

Standing Dream

Journey deep into realms of strong silence
Opened to a voice of long standing dream
Searching evermore for future bubbling stream
Echoes of trips unmade closed by wooden fence.

Lurching forward upon the chasm of penance
Yearning always for peace of substance.
Normal visions face cloudy marred hope
Jabbed into startled fortitude of the slope.

Over majestic vistas of untouched chance
Seared upon brains reaching clouds’ gate
Emitting soundless cries of terrors cruel slate
Looming into view abreast problems dense.

Yokes held tightly upon shoulders weak
Nodding upon a gaze desperately sought.
Justice leaps forward above hearts’ reach,
Mission stands finished as work not bought.

Robert Dodson
April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This poem was inspired by DebsSweet of Twitter.


Dreams evoke bare open reigns attached hearts
Argue upon simplistic tomorrow’s inner necessity
Daring to climb solitude for enduring torts
Each day brings past creep toward missed sea.

Braced moonlight quivers through barren limbs,
Opportunity fails hope riding dense forest
Rankled under pillars of gloried taught hymns
As breath returns haltingly begs nights’ rest.

Hope leaps through throats long reach
Alone fighting struggles of faded misery
Using unknown wisdom beaches eerie
Sounds of danger closer to forsaken breach.

Time stands solid upon eons of moments
Inside chests moving ragged for lost cheer
Nestled within spans of misshapen ascents
Altered ugly stains tumble inside nature.
Robert Dodson
April 7, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is a poem inspired by Twitter user @deltavogue.

A Sleepless Heart

Misty dawn awakens a sleepless heart
Open to care trods gently upward
Numbers dance deep blessing parts
Inside a soul chanced with bent hope.

Craving desire to aid a venture risky
Alive within the confines of memory
Loping faster to reach unseen cart;
Richer to be born alive in the sun.

Of dreams forever scalded on vision
Withheld beneath a beating start to
Labor diligently for the days of fun;
Amid a careless spoken silent word.

Neighbors sense purpose of known threat
Delight brims upon a minds’ surface
Mirroring a birth that never ceases,
Remaining true now until stars fade.
Robert Dodson
April 4, 2009