Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Journey Through Time

Like a babbling brook my tears flow over the boulders of my cheeks,
Angels carried the day to tug my heart from the pain of the future,
Life lived its course like the stitches of my jeans left, then right sleek,
Cold hands held the warmest heart of my adventure I’ll always cheer.

Stark is the road before me, a road best traveled bravely?
Passion comes to me once then lost for the moment of now,
I’ll carry a burden less lightly now for she gazes through me,
Many will be times turned backward but there is an edgy how.

I have not taken this road, yet it was destined long ago to be,
Images of the heart flow the core of my being, no longer alone,
I fill my bag with pieces of you all around yet no one can see,
That once was two has now become a journey through time as one.

Robert Dodson
January 6, 2010