Saturday, May 30, 2009

A poem for Brenda Mantz

Breathe Long

Breathe long the delicate scent of that secluded desire,
Ravage the torment of past failure hindering advance
Embrace a love burdened with tribulation of mire
Nirvana nestles within support held sway on chance.

Disparity dispatches earthly vision to distant dream
Altered state leaps upon chests empty at source.
Greatness grapples clear sincerity’s force
Masked upon walls of grandeur’s seam.

Against surroundings of bejeweled and hopeful sight
Necessary trappings collide where adoration meets.
Trusting eyes gaze deep into the twinkling night
Zealous being longs for its overdue seat.

Robert Dodson
May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009


Clouds of puffy marshmallows sleepily slither overhead
Did you identify a character or three up there?
Imagination glimmers of dreams once held close;
Come alive in that sailor, dragon or ogre,
Wrestle the wind to retain its shape bodes ill.
Changing into a storm of intrepid power
My clouds continue the journey to distant eyes.

Dazzling sun casts a shadow to the tree
Peacefully I rest beside the still pond.
Glass like surface broaches a rare ripple
Vanishing on rock-strewn, shaded shore.
The tree stands reaching toward heaven
My soul lay abandoned on gentle pasture.

Living on dreams indescribable I stand proud
To realize wind and clouds continue on.

Robert Dodson
May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suggested by Vicki Elam

My Love

I walk the dusty trail alone with you in my heart,
It is then I realize; my feelings brew like coffee on my soul.
Apart we are together and together we’re alone
But holding your hand tugs my love to the bluest sky above.
In my troubled journey, I’m never far from victory.
You are my she for which I have a bountiful faith
My friend, my love I share the trip of my essence;
Upon the space of my universe you are the core.

Away from you, I wash the dishes of my life.
You are around me in the walls of my conscience,
I see you in all I do and have this day forward.
The lopsided photograph touches my spirit gently
While the folded laundry reaches my skin
I have the scent of you fill my nostrils kindly.

At my side, I treasure passion shared as one.
Forever the travels pass quickly into tomorrow.
My days are as stars on cloudless summer night,
Filled completely your timeless fancy in my sight
I am your he.

Robert Dodson
May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A poem for Tracy Beaver


Temerity knows no bounds upon the soul
Reaching for far away hope with tenacity;
After a slivered moon raises its bowl
Care remains like sand by the sea.

Yet spirit rises slowly through the stroll
Labored task builds wondrous loyalty,
Being shines for all to see its audacity
Echoes from the mind take a toll.

Always favor smiles for the meek
Veracity joins from mountain peak
Every dream appears with its cost
Racing young future is never lost.

Robert Dodson
May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A sonnet

Mirrored Calm

Mirrored calm, reflection stares to vastness,
Tree lined shores beckon a forgiving heart,
Peaceful waters hold silent wind’s last tress
The ripples roll gently as painted art,
Floating on edgy care, insects go sire.
The mesa looms over star lit shelves all
Faintly glowing behind the dying fire,
Embers now wink and wink again to call
The frosty breath of snoring lover huddled
Inside cozy warmth of blankets bare, hands
Reach a tested, rough shoulder, well muscled.
Rising slowly, air creeps in soundless bands.
A soul through rasping cloth of linens soft
Audacious fate gives togetherness tossed.

Robert Dodson
May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

A sonnet for Pamela A. Fuller

Love Eternal

Paths are walking my choices to the fore
Again trodden trail never saw the day
Meeting without a vision caught on lore
Echoes peaceful dream held secure today.
Long I pace the fruits of contented thoughts
After tasks come to bear travails of deed
Fault lies near the door of belief I sought
Unknown trepidation lies as my seed
Legend seeks the value I gained showing
Love eternal still needs tender caring
Even as I start toward river flowing
Remains my moment of lonely sharing

Perfect boundless faith remains beside me
Freedom of bondage truly set me free.

Robert Dodson
May 25, 2009