Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suggested by Vicki Elam

My Love

I walk the dusty trail alone with you in my heart,
It is then I realize; my feelings brew like coffee on my soul.
Apart we are together and together we’re alone
But holding your hand tugs my love to the bluest sky above.
In my troubled journey, I’m never far from victory.
You are my she for which I have a bountiful faith
My friend, my love I share the trip of my essence;
Upon the space of my universe you are the core.

Away from you, I wash the dishes of my life.
You are around me in the walls of my conscience,
I see you in all I do and have this day forward.
The lopsided photograph touches my spirit gently
While the folded laundry reaches my skin
I have the scent of you fill my nostrils kindly.

At my side, I treasure passion shared as one.
Forever the travels pass quickly into tomorrow.
My days are as stars on cloudless summer night,
Filled completely your timeless fancy in my sight
I am your he.

Robert Dodson
May 28, 2009
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