Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Mother's Day


I can see you on that mesa, stars above, valley below.
The dim objects your thoughts.
The cacti, far off mountains wondering why...
Dreaming of things that might have been and
Searching the lonely roads of memory,
All the roads lead to nowhere, but I am here
Thinking, wondering, what might have been?
The road of my heart is curved and troubled,
Until the idea comes down the straight line of my brain;
I am lost again without you in my love.
The moon tiptoes through a starry night,
Yielding slowly to the first rays of a red sun;
As day begins to leap upon my vista
The rattler slithers toward noon,
All at once the emotion floods my eyes,
Another Mother’s Day has reached my soul.
My anguish, my loss compels me to share my love,
To my growing daughter that one day too,
I’ll see her on a lonely, starry mesa.
Robert Dodson
May 10, 2009
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