Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Silent Witness

Three rail wooden fence remain lonely guard along summer field
Weathered timber shows raucous grey state of disorder
Proud and hungry a buck emerges from broken woodland
Near the railing the animal pauses, testing muffled breeze.

Leaping the barrier the majestic deer disappears into thicket
Glittered sun struggles higher into morning’s cloudless azure sky
Faintly green grasses wave gently, silently to passing fowl
Beckoning tiny herd of wild mustangs sensing hidden pond.

The dappled grey stallion strays away to low crested hill
Anxiously he urges his brood to waters reed covered edge,
Standing aloof he watches the others drink their fill
Nervous, he dips his head and drinks from muddy water.

The clearing empties as the herd flees the grove again,
A sudden rain materializes over the pasture
Spirits scurry seeking shelter from the downpour
The fence remains silent witness along summer field.

Robert Dodson
June 3, 2009
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