Saturday, June 27, 2009


We walk the silently screaming beach
Hand in hand with my loving wife.
I rise in the morning to an alarms’ call
Together we perform the morning ritual.
Sometimes I spend an extra moment over coffee
Others I rush to complete tasks for the day.
I go to a movie, the mall or the park
I can attend the church I choose or not.
I take an early morning jog to stay fit
I could visit a museum, a friend or go home.
Today I choose where and what I do.
I can waste my money or I can save for the future.
I could call my closest friend or email my congressman
If I want I can vote for the best candidate.
I can criticize my elected officials and fear not.
I can buy anything I have money to buy.
It could be a vehicle, a lamp or illegal drugs.
I could perform all manner of improper things.
I have that right.
I have the choice to obey the law and most like me do.
I have that right today.
I can travel the farthest reaches of our country or planet
I cand stand in awe at the Grand Canyon
Or visit the Statue of Liberty.
For all these things and many others
I thank the American soldier.
Thank a serviceman who gave us these choices.

Robert Dodson
June 27, 2009
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