Friday, April 24, 2009

This poem was written for my wife Faye. We were married on her birthday, April 23, 1985.

Through Misty Forest

Alone walking through misty forest,
Groping to jerk tears from my eyes
An arduous duty calms wisdom’s test
Tying trails to hearts’ talking of far skies.

Hearing victory excites dull tries
As air embraces me among all fires
Facing challenge is my behest
As one debates full charged chest,

Youthful yearning for bravery dear
Energy drains as Sol dips to low sky
Donning thickly skinned events fly
Over often pondering learned final fear.

Dreams of future haunt my soul
Saying nothing is not the crest
Over which I journey toward rest
Neat nesting leaves life a filled bowl.
Robert Dodson
January 14, 2007

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