Thursday, December 17, 2009

Desert Venture

Driving the lonely highways of the desert cacti shadow the moon,
Against a looming mountain range the shadows are darkly black,
Racing the rising sun, the stripes in the road begin a fast swoon,
Lessons learned strike like the charisma of a worn, tattered sack.

Eager for the sun, creatures begin their stirring through the flatness,
Needing rest, I pulled off to the side and sought the shade of a cacti,
Eyeing the beautiful starkness of the view surrounding my loneliness,
Increasing heat expands latent sweat targeting my slits for eyes.

Senses nurtured by easy aromas of a sweet and barren desert
Freed by tiny wisps of wind a small dandelion floats toward me,
Until the breeze abruptly stops the remains fall toward a sand sea,
Now rested and awed by the wonder I soak the view into my heart.

Robert Dodson
December 17, 2009
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