Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Here's a Thought

During the 1800’s, the American Indian tribes were badly mistreated, abused and nearly decimated. They were tricked, lied to and had numerous treaties broken by US citizens. Part of the reason most Indian tribes succumbed to the US Government were lack of manpower and technology. Now fast forward to the last part of the Twentieth Century.

It was during the latter part of the 20th Century when various surviving tribes won legal battles against the United States. The Indians couldn’t defeat the “White Man” on the hallowed battlefield of the American West. Yet they won in court; as it should have been so long ago. These victories began a series of enterprises by the American Indian. Most of the ventures seem to involve gambling in one form or another. The one that strikes me as ironic is the Native American tobacco ventures. They couldn’t kill all the “White-Eyes” so they began to make tobacco products, mostly cigarettes. Now they provide a method to let the White man kill themselves using a product the Indians produce with some funds provided by the U.S. government. Your opinion may vary. You are entitled to it and that is one of the reasons this is such a great country to live in.
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