Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cresting The Summit

Cresting the summit of love’s spirit
Heals a hurting heart thumping slowly
Resting atop the chasms of challenge
Invokes a hint of daring risk of faith

Seals forever the heaven of eternity.
Trust shapes as valleys renew flowers
In groves of splashy beauty nurtured by
New clouds bursting their water to flow

Ever downward towards foaming oceans
Beaches strewn with white sand packed
Eagerly among moss covered boulders
Assigned to silently guard blazed trails

Constantly changed by winds of time
Honed to melt the lonely heart of youth
Caressing the spirit of hope to give
Back faith never lost in tomorrow’s today.

Robert Dodson
October 19, 2012
Written for a very special lady
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