Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Consoling Wind

Just, caring and warm like freshly baked cakes,
A uniquely special spirit like a gently falling snowflake,
Nothing so filled with love and hope like calm seas
In life’s wondrous journey toward salvation eternity

Consoling winds tenderly supplant hopes’ burden,
Extreme desire raises sharpened sensed fens.
Believes The Almighty with all love, thought and spirit,
Unbridled knowledge gallops freely through times claret,

Resolutely diligent crossing chasms of steep fear,
Devout of character serves life tossed hopes dear,
Sincerity desires solve challenges as faith sears,
A pillar of standing dream emotes loves’ final tear,

Largesse springs at day’s heat gives trust fortune,
Leads using THE WORD as a manual of guidance unleavened.
Journey toward silent ascension plies rhythmic tunes
Blending futures past into tomorrow’s yesterday gladdened.

Robert Dodson
April 5, 2011
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