Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life Journey

Crawling through the dense jungle of time, love dangles its heart.
Creeping as a snail, shaded breath reveals unseen vines twisted
Fevered brow turns beaded, slatted gaze up the path resisted
Levered strength pales wisdom, gathers a field of tangled life art.

Striding on mirrored hope, tiredness releases its parched taste fisted.
Stepping through wondrous chasms, fatigue sheds chances vague part.
Prepping kindness shared wildly, spirited veil conceals gloried start.
Biding an endless cacophony of nature, exhaustion leaps the visited.

Stooped among restless fervor, solitude grants flowing clouds misted
Looped visions gain trust turned askew with seclusion growing imparted.
Seasoned values gnarly turmoil drips its dream lazily as an imploded tryst.
Reasoned revelation looms gray against sheltered, zealous plans started.

Robert Dodson
August 25, 2010
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