Thursday, February 04, 2010

Chasm of Emptiness

Fragile flowers in the winter hold their own in blinding light,
Against a murky, cloud filled sky hope wrestles victory,
Yesterday passes into the future beyond my fleeting sight,
Each day reminders abound of life lived picked so free.

Dreams dangle dread to fill a need once held high above,
Order reacts slowly to rocky foundations laid firmly still,
Destiny crawls upon a slippery ledge held together with love,
Sympathy borrows a hearts’ ache to gradually linger its fill.

Only visions sought can ever be given the chance of growth,
Nestled vigor wrangles the soft touch on my heart thrown,
Faith carries love through the jungle of emotion to learn,
Deep is the chasm of emptiness within me to ever burn.

Robert Dodson
February 4, 2010
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